It’s Monday, And Everything Is Going Downhill

Mar 23, 2009 by

Well, at least in the media/advertising world based on a couple of new posts.

In a nutshell – advertising is going down, down and down (well duh), but there’s some interesting /scary numbers highlighted.

And another article discusses why advertising isn’t working on the Internet – “not wanted, not trusted and not needed.”

Over at Advertising Age, author Bob Garfield (Chaos Scenario) says we’re pretty much in the Apocalypse.

Quote: This isn’t about the end of commerce or the end of marketing or news or entertainment. All of the above are finding new expressions online, and in time will flourish thanks to the very digital revolution that is now ravaging them. The future is bright. But the present is apocalyptic. Any hope for a seamless transition — or any transition at all — from mass media and marketing to micro media and marketing are absurd.

Not to be outdone, The Wharton School Professor Eric Clemons has more than 350 comments as of this writing on his post about why “Advertising is failing on the Internet.”

Quote: It is frequently argued that the advertising industry will provide sufficient innovation to replace the loss of traditional ads on traditional mass media.  Again, my basic premise rejects this, suggesting that simple commercial messages, pushed through whatever medium, in order to reach a potential customer who is in the middle of doing something else, will fail.  It’s not that we no longer need information to initiate or to complete a transaction; rather, we will no longer need advertising to obtain that information.  We will see the information we want, when we want it, from sources that we trust more than paid advertising.  We will find out what we need to know, when we want to make a commercial transaction of any kind.  The conventional wisdom is that this is exactly what paid search helps us to do, but all too often they are nothing more than a form of misdirection, as I explain further below.  Instead, we will use information that we trust, obtained at the time that we want to see it.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.

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