We Are Free!

Dec 19, 2009 by

That sound of wildebeests stampeding across African plains? Yes, the Sons of Thunder are home.

“We’re free!” Ah, Christmas break.  And within a matter of minutes the four hours the Little Black Dress spent cleaning the house is a thing of the past. Tornado? Hurricane? Pick your disaster, because that’s what just went through our house.

Yes, all the hooks for backpacks and coats are being utilized as designed. Maybe in another dimension.  And what is up with the shoes? There is some unwritten kid rule that shoes are kicked off immediately upon entry. The fact said shoes may end up on the kitchen counter, dining room table or scattered across the floor for yours truly to trip over is irrelevant.

Somehow, all the rules about proper placement of stuff goes out the window on Christmas break.  It’s like their “freedom” includes freedom from the LBD’s house rules as well.

And this “freedom” also seems to develop a servant’s heart in the Sons – not a “how can I help” servant’s heart, but rather a “serve  me” attitude.  You know, because they’re “off” from school, which somehow translates to being “off” from chores and helping and the like.

This is going to be a long vacation.  Although outnumbered, the LBD’s years of war, er, motherhood, experience bring a more level playing field.

And what is the deal with beating the rooster up in the morning? These are kids where the use of a cattle prod is somewhat adequate in getting them ready for school.  Now, however, we are blowing fuses left and right with televisions, computers and playstations all cranking up before the coffee is even ready.

And no, we did not say you could get on said electronic device. No, we don’t care that it’s YOUR vacation. No, you may not relive Custer’s Last Stand in our bed; especially since we’re still in it.

There’s a lot of “what were you thinking?, what are you doing?” comments coming from the LBD.

My precious warriors are loud.  And it’s not battle cries – more like an incredibly annoying buzzing.

I never really realized just how loud until now, when they are cooped up inside. Suggestions of going outside and playing in the myriad of acres surrounding us are met with blank stares. And then comments relating to sub-zero temperatures, wind chill, the word “freezing” repeated ad nauseum.

Some warriors they are.

I check the calendar, there are a lot of days to cross off.

Who will survive?

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