Ever Wonder Where The Country Is Headed?

Mar 4, 2010 by

We need a government study.  One of those really in-depth, seriously focused, no-holes-barred types that illuminate us with new truths. You know, like finding out smoking is bad for you.

We need to study the iPhone app store. And we need to study a very specific subset of those who make purchases at the app store, because it says a lot.  It says there’s a lot of people in this world who don’t get it and apparently don’t get anything.

If this is our future, we are hosed.

I am not talking about the funny, off-the-wall apps like the world-famous fart app or the light saber app. I’m talking about apps that are an obvious joke, and then people complain because they don’t work.

Like the various apps that will heat up your iPhone so you can warm your hands.  

Currently, there are a half-dozen or so of these babies out there. From the description of just one, “fire up this app and watch as the coils heat up and start to hum.  Flip the switch to high and make the coils glow a satisfying bright orange, but be careful not to bump the screen or you may burn your hand.”

Now, before everyone rushes out and gets this app so they can stay warm, please read the entire description. Pay careful attention to the line just above that states “Turn your device into a faux heater which will do its best to heat you up using nothing more than pixels and sound waves.”  And right below that, it states, “This new version is best suited to the following: fooling non-smart phone users into believing you carry a portable heater in your pocket.” And so forth.

To date, 1,433 people have actually rated this app.  Some have actually commented, primarily on the fact it doesn’t appear to work.

To quote one: “I turned it up to turbo and after 10 minutes it was hardly warm. I normally don’t write reviews but this app was so horrible I really regret buying it so please save your money for something better!”

Um, okay.

For some, a smartphone may not be the best fit.

But all is not lost. Hat-tip to the creator of this little app, who actually gets people to buy it for 99 cents.

Maybe we’re not completely hosed.

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  1. Richard Lippitt

    To quote a comedian, “you can’t fix ‘stupid'”…but you sure can make a living from them.