We Need A “Perspective” App

Mar 26, 2010 by

An interesting phenomenon is emerging over the value of a dollar, give or take some change. Specifically, 99 cents or $1.99.  Every now and then, even $2.99.

People are starting to get a little tight with this spare change; to the point of getting rather surly.  A lot of time and energy is expended over these few cents.  Complaints are lodged, flames are blasted out.

Decorum is sadly lacking.  It’s degenerating to the point people are complaining about free.

The cause of all this? The iPhone App store.  

As you might know, I recently switched from a long-time Blackberry user to the Borg, er, iPhone.  While I am still discovering the pros and cons between the two, the iPhone App Store does provide me with hours of entertainment.

I’m not speaking about the actual apps, but rather the people shopping said apps.

In an earlier post, I had a little fun highlighting those who complained that the iPhone heater app wasn’t actually working properly to warm up one’s hands.

But my real joy is reading the comments on various apps.  People seriously complain – and expend the time and energy – about free apps.  And lord help us if a 99-cent app doesn’t do everything.

Basically, here’s how I see it break down:

Free apps, besides doing what they are supposed to do, should also make the bed; 99-cent apps should do the previous, plus do windows (the kind you look through, not the program); $1.99 apps again, do the previous plus mop the floor and clean the house; $2.99 apps make the bed, do windows, mop the floor, clean the house and mow the lawn; and any app charging $4.99 better control orbiting satellites or the complaints will fly.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve read of people complaining about paying $1.99 for an app – “it’s too expensive,” “I don’t have that much money to spend,” “reduce the price and I’ll consider it.”

Let us put things in perspective, shall we?

To have the honor of using said App Store, one first needs to purchase an iPhone. In general, we’re talking somewhere in the $200 range. That’s with a new two-year contract and rebates.

To use said iPhone, one generally needs a phone plan, starting somewhere around $39.99 per month. Add unlimited text and that’s another $20 per month. Oh, and a data plan is required – that’s another $30 per month.

So we have a $200-plus device and spending somewhere around $90 and up a month for our iPhones.

And we are complaining about 99-cent apps and not having money to spend $2.99?

I think we need a little reality check – a little perspective.

Hopefully, someone will come up with an app for that. But it better be free.

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