Everyone Needs A Sam – Chapter Nine Excerpt

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My book, Everyone Needs A Sam, is now available at the Sam web site.

Sams are mentors; they are the ones who stand beside you and guard your back.  When everyone else deserts, a Sam will remain true.

But there’s something you need to remember – they are just like you.  Chapter Nine, titled “Sams Are Human,” focuses on that fact; Sams are not perfect.

I invite you to visit the Sam web site where you can learn more.  And I encourage you to share your own story about a Sam in your life. You can visit the site here.

Following is an excerpt from Chapter Nine:

This chapter is a reality check. Life would be a lot easier if we could just find our Sams, take their advice and conquer the world.

It’s not that simple. As I said earlier, Sams are not angels or cosmic saviors. They are far from perfect. They have their own stuff; they have their own issues and problems. Think of it this way, Sams are just like you.

I want to be clear. I’m talking about real Sams, not about the guy who lied to you, the one who tried to get the upper hand, who betrayed you, who let you down. Those people aren’t Sams.

A Sam is only as good as the information you give them. They don’t have the whole story — they have what you tell them. Their observations and advice are based on what they are given and what they have observed and absorbed on their own life journey.

The more information you give these individuals, the better they can help you. The question you have to face is how open are you going to be with your Sams? That’s not an easy thing to do, especially for guys. That baring of your soul, your hurts and fears, isn’t as easy as writing this sentence.

In other chapters I talk about how Sams are not a crutch and that they can only do so much. And, again, they are human. They make mistakes; their advice might just be flat out wrong. In Ecclesiastes, the Bible says “no one really knows what is going to happen; no one can predict the future.” (10:14)

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