When The iPhone Upgrade Doesn’t Like Your Car Stereo Anymore

Jul 24, 2010 by

For Father’s Day, the Little Black Dress and the Sons of Thunder got me a very nice car stereo. One of those that can control satellites and phases of the moon, if you can figure it out. What made it more special was my previous stereo had up and died, leaving me driving around without tunes. The Horror.

Besides a CD player, it has Bluetooth – meaning I can pair it with my iPhone and make hands-free calls. It also has a USB outlet so I can play my music collection from my iPhone over the car stereo system. Sweet. No longer must I rely on radio stations to determine what I listen to.

That is, when it works. Because when I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to the new OS4 software, the car stereo would not play music from the iPhone.

“Reading, reading, reading … iPod error” Every time I plugged the iPhone into the stereo.

But I found a fix, and want to share.

I first called the store where we got the stereo. They were nice, but kept talking about probably needing a firmware update and downloading this and that and … Whatever.

So, if you’ve upgraded your iPhone’s software and it won’t play nice with your car stereo, here’s what to do:

1. Turn off your iPhone – completely, I mean shut it down.

2. Turn on your car stereo

3. Plug your iPhone into your car stereo. The iPhone will start-up and the stereo will start figuring things out.

Ta Da.

What happens is this apparently forces the stereo to see the iPhone as something new. They do that “handshake” thing, introduce themselves and go outside to play.

I like it when there are simple fixes.

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