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(New book chronicling our adventures now available at our store)

From the back cover:

The best toys often aren’t the toys, but the box they came in. Throw out the batteries, which you never have enough of anyway, toss in a child’s imagination, and there are no limits.

If all else fails, try the blue ball.

Welcome to our world, one that includes the Little Black Dress, the three Sons of Thunder, a dog who thinks it can fly, a couple of cats and yours truly.  The Dress, or LBD for short, is my wife and mother of the Sons. And the Sons are, well, the Sons.

Within this book you’ll learn some sage advice from talking animals. And speaking of animals, you will discover, as if you didn’t know already, that squirrels are evil. And pray you never hear a raven call your name.

I am, by training and profession, a journalist. Over the years, as The Dress and I faced the world and the Sons joined us, I chronicled our adventures.  While almost everyone has a spouse and children, few have such a combination as the LBD and the Sons under one roof. Thus, our story.

We have faced death, near death and attended funerals we did not want to. They were too early, we needed more time.

But we’ve also dug to China, campaigned in the Great Water War and pretty much blew up a waverunner.

Life is hard, but it can also be fun. And if you have your own LBD and Sons (or Daughters), you realize you never know what will happen next.  How you handle what gets thrown at you is the key. So there will be a little advice, a few tears, lots of laughs and some points to ponder.

We’ve learned what we’re good at, and also what we fear.  We’ve also learned we are better together, and while we don’t understand everything or the “whys,” we know God is still in control.

And through countless bonfires we have recounted the tales.

Welcome to our world.

About Those Recipes:

Scattered throughout this book you will find a few recipes, enjoyable morsels of the food variety when words won’t suffice.

When I started out as a cub reporter, I barely made enough to pay the rent. Food was a luxury. And so I worked on the weekends at an incredible restaurant specializing in French and Creole cooking.

The Dress says I don’t cook, I create. Recipes are made to be broken.

I think I did pretty well. Some of these won the heart of the Little Black Dress, so I’ve got that going for me. After we were married, we started writing down a few and then put together a small cookbook for friends.

We believe the kitchen is a central part of every home; that cooking together is a perfect way to spend quality time together while creating unforgettable meals and memories. Oh, and to create future master chefs as well.

You will find that great stories – and thus the names – tag along with each recipe, each a celebration of food, family and friends.

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