The Dog Who Could Fly

Sep 1, 2010 by

Our dog, correction, the dog belonging to the Little Black Dress, is having an identity crisis.

Some of the more enlightened readers might suggest some well-renown dog shrink or whisperer or something to help process/analyze the deep-routed core symptoms of said activity. Finding her true inner karma through psychoanalysis while sipping Chai tea in a golden bowl … or something.

Others, like my father-in-law, a 50-year veterinarian, would point out it’s a friggin dog. The only communication you need with said dog are words like, “sit,” “stay,” “fetch,” and “get off the bed” or something.

In any event, something must be done.  

Miss Roxie Love is a small rat, also known as a Shorkie – a cross between a Shih Tzu, Yorshire Terrier, squirrel and mole.  She has tempted fate more than once, especially with The Dress as noted in a previous post.

But now, she (it) has gone off the deep end.

Not only are her best friends the cats, she also eats cat food, and only cat food. So we’ve got that whole cat identity thing going on.

And she also has visions of grandeur, in the sense of thinking she’s bigger than she is. To wit, she likes to wrestle with the Rottweiler. Said Rottweiler’s front paw alone weigh more than Miss Roxie’s entire framework.

It is rather comical watching the two of them play; rather, watching the Rottweiler tolerate Miss Roxie. Basically, the Rottweiler simply puts his paw on Miss Roxie’s head and holds her there while Roxie flails away. It’s just like the bully who holds off the little kid, who can’t reach said bully and just swings his arms at air.

And then she went through the fish stage. We’ll be out there on the shore enjoying a little peace and quiet and Miss Roxie would come up and try to play with the fish. And then she’ll sit on the edge of the water and just bark and bark and bark at the water. Apparently, this was her way of trying to get the fish to come out and play. Not happening.

There was a short stint as an Armadillo, which to the uninitiated is a large rat with armor plating and a long tail. Miss Roxie was quite fascinated with the tail, and I think was rather intimated when comparing said tail to her own. I think she also liked the Armadillo’s attire, but I’m pretty sure the whole armor-plating fashion statement soon faded, much like a goth stage.

And now, she thinks she can fly.

My only “deep thought/life lesson” in all this is to choose one’s friends carefully. Too often, our friends have the greatest impact on who we are and become. Choose your friends carefully. And be an influence on your friends, not the other way around. End of lesson.

Anyway, the geese are beginning to show up in rather large numbers. And Miss Roxie thinks nothing of running helter-skelter after them. And of course the geese start running and flapping and soon take off. And of course Miss Roxie leaps into the air, apparently to get a running start like her geese friends, goes about four feet and then just crash lands.

Every now and then, I’m assuming because they’ve been flying for quite a while and are just tired, said geese don’t fly off. Instead, they will simply turn on Miss Roxie, swing one of those big wings and send rat dog flying. She just won’t learn.

Earlier this morning, while waiting for the coffee to finish, I was out reading. I looked up and watched the geese flying low right in front of me. A pretty awesome sight. And Miss Roxie is right up there with them, complete with those World War I aviator goggles, a leather jacket and a scarf. Just soaring along with her new friends.

And I think how cute, glad she’s having fun and I think the geese will be a good influence for her.

And then I realize I haven’t had any coffee yet, so either I’m hallucinating or the laws of physics have abruptly changed.

On the bright side, maybe she’ll just “migrate” with them.

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  1. Christinna

    our cats think that they are royalty. Of course, they are correct.


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