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Dec 15, 2010 by

The Christmas elf is rather absent this year.

Yesterday, we put up the big tree. Regular readers will know this is about 3,428 days too late for the Little Black Dress.  But life has a way of dampening even the most ardent Noeler. Yes, I made that word up, but you get the point.

Between moving half-way across the country and burying her dad, The Dress is not exactly in the mood for eggnog, regardless of what you put in it.

This needed to change. And so I took the LBD to the shed. Said shed not to be confused with the proverbial woodshed, but rather what is temporarily the “Christmas stuff” shed.  Those interested in learning more about our shed collection should click here.

Keeping with how things have transpired lately, it was absolutely the coldest, windiest day of the year.

Take Hobby Lobby, multiply that by two Michael’s and throw in a dash of Walmart and a sprinkling of Lowe’s and you’ll be about two-thirds of the way to the LBD’s Christmas collection.  Normally, The Dress ranks Christmas decorating up there with shopping for new shoes where it’s buy one get three free.

But back to the shed. Boxes and boxes and boxes, and, well, more boxes.  At various times I have tried to label said boxes so we have some idea of what exactly is in the box.  But how many times can I write “nativity scene” or “Santa” or “tree decorations” on a box?  I finally gave up. Now, I just label it “Christmas” because it’s all going up anyway, so why bother?

To give you a small glimpse into our world, we normally have several trees up. This would include the big tree, my tree, a tree for each of the Sons of Thunder, a wedding tree, the LBD tree and a couple of others just to make sure all the bases are covered. Oh, and each tree has a theme tied to that individual. For example, mine has sailboats and fly rods and salmon decorations.

Anyway. We’re in the shed and I just start pulling out boxes and loading them up. I mean, they all just say “Christmas” anyway.  And then I spy it. A box labeled “my most precious things” in the LBD’s handwriting.

I am no fool.  I point it out to The Dress and suggest she carry that one, because I’m not about to be involved in any mishap with a box labeled as such.  And there was a slight smile on the face of the LBD.

I’m on a roll because I soon find another box, this one labeled “perfect.” And then another one, “use this first.” It is at this point I detect humming. It is not the Hallelujah Chorus by any means, but there is a definite holiday air about it.

We load up the rest of the boxes and head home. The plan is to get everything out of the shed and store “Christmas” at the house so as to reduce our shed collection. And The Dress informs me she’s just going to put up the one big tree and a few decorations.


And so this morning I look around. The big tree is up and decorated. I count three other trees up and decorated. The staircase mantle is covered in greenery and lights; I’m not going to count the number of wreaths; Santas are popping out all over the place; and reindeer are flying.

It appears the Christmas elf is emerging after all. And that brings a smile to yours truly and the Sons.

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  1. BP

    …and NOW the house is full of all that “SHED!” 🙂
    LOVE her talent and decorations!

    • That – “SHED” was good.
      I too love her talent, it’s just tripping over everything until it’s done that drives me batty

  2. Sharon Lane

    Friday, expect a delivery via Fed Ex…something to keep you singin’ Noelerman! We’re back in Juneau for the holiday, talk to you all soon!

    • Awesome, we always love those gifts from Alaska. God bless and have a wonderful Christmas