Grilled Rack Of Lamb

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This recipe is subtitled “How To Win The Heart Of Your Own Little Black Dress

Sometimes I score big. Big as in getting the Little Black Dress to marry me. Big as in finally figuring out how to cook one of my favorite food groups. In this case, lamb.

People either love or hate lamb. I am – obviously – in the former group. Part of the problem I think is knowing how to cook and serve lamb. It really needs to be served on the medium-rare to rarer end.

Anyway, I’ve played around with this enough times until I finally got it. It was an expensive experiment, as lamb is not exactly the cheapest piece of meat to try new things with.     Nevertheless, the secret lies in wrapping the lamb in foil before you grill it.

2 racks of lamb (oh heck, however many you want)
½ cup of minced garlic
1 cup of olive oil
Several sprigs of fresh rosemary (or ½ cup of dried)
½  cup of some type of spicy mustard. You can also get the kind that has horseradish in it, which is what I do.


Mint jelly  
Mix the garlic, olive oil and spicy mustard together. If you’re using fresh rosemary, just chop it up and add it in as well. For dried, just add to the bowl.

Rack of lamb usually comes in a slab with about 10 to 12 bones on one side. Sometimes the rack is pre-cut. If not, I normally cut the racks so each piece is about an inch thick. Or, cut the rack about every two bones.

Liberally coat the lamb with the above mentioned sauce.  Then, and this is the kicker, wrap the lamb up in foil.  What I normally do is tear off about two feet of foil, take two pieces of the lamb and then wrap the foil around the lamb. You don’t want just one thin slice of foil around the lamb, but rather three or four.

Place the lamb on an outdoor grill on medium to medium low heat. Shut the lid and let cook. What you’re basically doing is baking the lamb for now, and that sauce is just marinating away within the foil.   After a few minutes, turn the lamb over and shut the lid again.

Exact times vary depending on your grill, and you are just going to have to experiment. I’ve found I know I’m close when I hear the lamb start to sizzle.   In a nutshell, you have to peek – you want the lamb to be slightly brown.

Next, unwrap the foil and place the uncovered lamb back on the grill. Word of caution – that foil is going to be hot. Continue cooking the lamb until it’s at the temperature you want. What you’re basically doing now is just cooking the outside so it looks great.

Serve it up with your favorite side dishes and lots of mint jelly. I don’t know who came up with mint jelly or why, because I’ve yet to find a use for it other than for lamb. But with grilled lamb, mint jelly is about as awesome as you can get.

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