The “No Thumbs” Rule

Feb 16, 2011 by

The thumb is a fascinating device.

It’s something we don’t think about. It’s just hanging out there with its friendly finger neighbors, just doing its thing. But it’s practically a necessity – try doing something with your hands and not using your thumb. Yeah.

And, according to the Sons of Thunder, you apparently can kill a man with a thumb. Now I’m not saying the Sons have actually killed said man, and they might be exaggerating, but let’s just not go there.

The thumb ranks up there with things the Sons of Thunder consider necessities – the computer, cell phone, Playstation, television, PSP 3, Wii and so forth. Notice how all those “necessities” I just mentioned involve electricity? And to the Sons, they are quite necessarily necessities.

Occasionally, and oh so very rarely, the Sons get a little too big for their britches. Uppity, not minding, basically fulfilling their nicknames.

Enter the “no thumbs” rule.  

If your kids are anything like ours (we feel your pain, joy), there are certain times when they are not at their best. This would include getting up in the morning, getting ready for school and bedtime. Oh, and when we say it’s time to get off electronics. Happy campers they are not.

And yes, we have – rarely (ha) threatened to remove, eliminate or take away all electronics until the Sons start acting like gentlemen. For some reason, this has little effect. In a nutshell, we say “no electronics.” And they say, “what about the computer?” And we say that’s electronics. And they say “what about television?” And we say that’s electronics. And they say “what about PSP 3?” And we say that’s electronics. And they say “what about Playstation?” And we say that’s electronics.

And so on and so on. Ugh.

Anyway, the Little Black Dress was talking with someone with a similar situation; who’d have guessed? And they told her about the “no thumbs” rule.

And it means exactly what it says. You can’t use your thumbs.

Now when we first introduced this rule, we got little smirks from the Sons. They headed off with a “aren’t they dumb” look and …

“Sorry, can’t use your thumbs.”

And there’s this pause. And they suddenly realize life with no thumbs, when it comes to electronic devices, can get a little difficult.  They can’t function,  or rather function remotes and handhelds, without thumbs.

There is one exception to this rule, a quite simple one really. They may use their thumbs all they want, all the time, any time, however they want … as long as they are outside. And the only exception to that exception is no electronics outside.

And out they go, pouting all the way. Yet within a few minutes, there is a game going on. Probably with lots of rules, maybe a blue ball and the obvious sharp stick.

But at least they are using their imaginations and not having some electronic device serve as such.

And that’s the point.




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