Why I Am “Not Fond” Of Groundhog Day

Feb 2, 2011 by

Around our house, the word “hate” is taboo for the Sons of Thunder. Instead, we encourage them to say “not fond” of whatever it is they really “hate” instead.

I am not fond of Groundhog Day.

I have nothing against said groundhog. I admit I can never spell his/her (which is it?) name. I also can’t spell the name of the city, although I’m assuming it’s the same as the groundhog’s name. But since I can’t spell the groundhog’s name, that means I can’t spell the city/town/parish or whatever it is, name either.

I realize there is something about his/her shadow and seeing said shadow  means something. However, I can’t remember if we get six more weeks or six fewer weeks of winter or spring or whatever if he/she sees or does not see  his/her shadow.

But I have nothing against the groundhog.

I don’t like Groundhog Day because  it reminds me of the movie, appropriately titled, “Groundhog Day.”

Now, I don’t really have anything against the movie, which starred Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. Like them both. A cute movie. But every time I think of Groundhog Day – the day – I think of Groundhog Day – the movie – and my head wants to explode.

For those not in the know, Groundhog Day – the movie – is about Murray, playing a television reporter, who is sent to the aforementioned town that I can’t spell to film the aforementioned groundhog, whose name I can’t spell. He’s doing a feature on whether the groundhog will see his/her shadow and hopefully, at least for my sake, know what that means.

The kicker: for some reason I don’t remember, Murray is forced to replay a day in his life over and over again. I mean we see the same scenes over and over with just a few changes. And Murray catches on that he’s replaying his life over and over and so on. It’s a cute idea, but it kind of gets annoying after a while, and even more so as I shall describe.

Flashback several years ago. The Dress and I are at her parents’ house. Her mom is in the kitchen making dinner and the LBD and I are watching a video of Groundhog Day with her dad.

So we laugh at some scene and her mom comes out of the kitchen and wants to see what we just saw. So we rewind it and play it for her. Then another scene comes on and she comes back out and wants to see that scene. And so we do. And this just keeps going on over and over.

And finally I point out to Mom No. 2, who is back in front of the television yet again so we can replay the scene, that the whole movie is a replay. We’re replaying scenes on the video that are replays of the movie. She’s already seen the scene – it’s a replay.

We’re replaying a replay – of a replay.

I finally could not take any more. I could not handle another replayed replay of a replay.  So I went into the kitchen and told Mom No. 2 to go watch the movie so I wouldn’t have to deal with another replay.

Life only comes around once. Sometimes we are fortunate and get second chances; but there are no replays. And there is definitely no chance of a replay on a replay.

As I recall, dinner was pretty good that night. But I put a quick nix on any discussion about retelling the highlights of the movie at dinner.

And now you know.


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  1. Bart

    I beg to differ. There are no replays, but there are second chances, for which we should all be grateful when they’re granted.

    • Bart:
      Not following you – I said “sometimes we are fortunate and get a second chance”
      Sometimes we do get to try again, but we don’t get to rewind.