Why, Why Didn’t We Do That Sooner?

Feb 11, 2011 by

One of the most frustrating issues in life is the “why” question.

Why did that happen? Why didn’t this happen? Why did I do that?; or, why didn’t I do that? In church, those are often referred to as sins of commission and sins of omission. Sometimes, not doing something you should do is just as wrong as doing something you shouldn’t.

The job; the girl – or guy – you didn’t ask out (or unfortunately did); the vacation that wasn’t; the life-threatening issue; the loss of fill-in-your-blank; the left turn instead of the right. Those “whys” are often the “what ifs.”

But sometimes the planets align: you ask for and get the promotion; you get the girl; you get the job; the horrible fear of stomach cancer turns out to nothing more than the need for a big burp. You follow your dream, your passion and let no man stand in your way. You go after that mountain, scared to death but committed, you …

Finally get that bottomless pit that once was referred to as a kitchen pantry organized. Professionally. With completely new shelving.

And when it’s done, you stare at it like it’s a newborn child in complete awe. A slight tear, as in the case of the Little Black Dress, begins to form. You shield your eyes from the penetrating aura of rebirth. You lovingly touch, and to use a favorite LBD word, fawn, over this work of art.

You kick yourself and ask, “why didn’t we do this sooner?’

For years we made do with what we referred to as The Big Closet of “Where the Heck Is …”. The name was apt, because you never could find anything. And when you finally found whatever it was you were looking for, you discovered you actually had about 17 of the said item. And that’s because you could never find it, and so you went to the store to buy another one. And that just ended up in the sinkhole vortex along with the others.

Prior to the reformation, installed in The Big Closet were those wire racks with two-inch spacing so everything could fall through. What didn’t fall through fell over, because the spacing is such that nothing will lay flat anyway. They are the do-it-yourself hell hounds, the kind you get at the big hardware store that also will sell you everything you need to build a 3,500 square-foot-house. Over the weekend. Or, at least build a bird house. Provided the wood is pre-cut and the holes pre-drilled.

To be more descriptive, unless you’ve grabbed the “what-ifs” and “whys” by the you know what, your pantry as well.

In preparation of this rebirth, The Dress moved everything out of The Big Closet … into the living room. And there were several “so that’s where that (fill in your food/can of choice) was” type comments. And we found the mint jelly, or mint jelly farm so to speak. Now, we only use mint jelly with lamb recipes, like this one.  We don’t eat that much lamb, so I figure we’re good for the next, oh I don’t know, 27 years or so.

And then I got into Mr. Hardhat with a sledgehammer mode; or at least crowbar mode and went after the accursed wire racks with, shall we say, a relish. I use the term relish just to keep the food motif going here, personally can’t stand the stuff.  After that, the LBD painted the pantry. Wow it looked nice. I was happy to just stare at it, until I remembered the living room and there was no way I could ever get to the rice to have with dinner.

But today our savior showed up. And with a skill and precision not seen since the Sistine Chapel, perfection within a very short time. I’m sure he’s done this a time or two. And The Dress and I just stare at it. And stare. And there were a lot of “wows” and a whole lot of “why didn’t we do this before” comments.

The Dress pronounced it a work of art. It really is that nice – and no, I do not have before and after shots. This is one of those trust things.

There is one outstanding “what-if” so to speak. The Dress is so impressed with this work of art, my fear is she will keep it as such. She gets that way sometimes, where there is something you think you know what it is for, but not to the LBD’s mind. Like a chair.

That “what-if” is simply whether or not we will actually be able to use the kitchen pantry … as a kitchen pantry.


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