A Father’s Day Letter … To Myself

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Being Father’s Day, and the fact you have the three Sons of Thunder, I thought it appropriate to write you a letter. Writing you a letter is writing me a letter, because you are I and I am you. Or something like that.

This might get weird.

Anyway … when you’re about to hit your wall or questioning what’s important in life, pull this out and remember.

The most important earthly thing you will ever have is your family. You are blessed with the Little Black Dress who for some reason adores you and the three Sons of Thunder, who want to be you.

Don’t screw that up.

You are the head of the household despite what liberal equality groups say. Act like it. That means be the man of the house. Teach The Sons what is right and wrong. Teach them about God and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Teach them what a real man is.

Just a few notes:

The Sons value time spent with you more than anything. Time is one thing that can never be replaced. Don’t waste it. As a father, the best way to spend your time is with The Sons.

Each of The Sons are different. They have their own personalities. Do not try to make No. 1 Son into No. 2 Son or No. 3 Son. Each are a gift from God and God gave them each their personalities. Treat them as individuals, not the mass Mongrel horde they sometimes are.

God loaned The Sons to you. They are His. You are The Sons’ steward and one day you will give an accounting to the Master of the Universe on the job you did with what is His. Be able to hold your head up and have Him say, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Teach The Sons about money. Teach them to save 10 percent of everything; to give away 10 percent to God and worthwhile organizations; to live on the remaining 80 percent.

Help them find a sport or hobby they can participate in all their lives. They will find friends of like mind and realize life is not all about work.

Speaking of friends, remind them they will be known by their friends. That their friends will have an incredible impact on their lives and on how others perceive them. Teach them to choose wisely.

And on the same subject, help them become the type of friend that everyone else wants. That they are loyal to their friends, that they stand by their friends when everyone else is gone.

They are the Sons of Thunder. Teach them to live up to that – and I’m not talking about the noise level. Rather, that they be willing to sign their name to anything they do. That they understand their honor is one of the few things they truly possess; it is easy to lose and very difficult to get back. That their word is their honor, their bond. That they honor their commitments. That they honor women.

That they defend the weak. That they right the wrong. That they always do their best in whatever it is. That they find their passion. That they find God’s purpose for their life. That they realize their passion is always tied some way to God’s purpose for their life. That they do not follow the crowd. That they love their job. That they make a difference in the world. That they bow to no man save one, a Jewish carpenter.

That they, the Sons of Thunder, become the Men of Thunder.

That they find their own Little Black Dress.

And if all else fails, remember the word of God: “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4)

Still reading?

Go away … go play with The Sons.








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