The Little Bug That Could And The Power Of Small

Jul 26, 2011 by

Readers know I hate bugs.

We had a close call with a bug and the Middle Son of Thunder, which you can read about here. There’s actually a series of posts, which you can follow and you should, because we still have the Middle Son. And that’s simply because of a lot of prayers and medical expertise.

The prior incident with Middle Son involved a medical bug. I hate those too because you can’t see them and you just feel helpless when they attack.

But then there are bugs; those of the insect variety. Those that are very small and can pretty much make you way more than uncomfortable. They are the kind you find in the woods. After they visit, you end up looking like some chicken pox factory with a toss of leprosy.

And such was the case as Middle Son and I recently did a little bonding in the woods as part of a Cub Scout camp. And yes, to all the mothers out there, I doused him with every kind of 175 percent Deet and whatever else there was to ensure there would be no bites. But of course there were. Because we are in the woods. And the insect devil spawn live in the woods. And they will attack with everything they have and laugh at your Deet.

I think they are immune to insecticides. I think they actually get together at night after tearing at your flesh and toss back a few quaffs of Deet in celebration of making you miserable.

So we come home to show off our battle scars to the Little Black Dress. And she gives me that look, which translates to something about me not using near enough insect repellent to her satisfaction on her precious Son. My pointing out I got a few attacks as well didn’t meant squat.

Fast forward a couple of days later and one of my little bug attacks starts to really itch. And then it starts to swell. And then it starts to get all red and some weird ooze is coming out. Within a few hours, my ankle is about four times the size of my other one. And it is really, really painful to even walk on it. And The Dress is pulling out the medical arsenal and putting just about everything on and in me.

The next day the situation has, shall we saw, digressed. The Dress pretty much orders me to the doctor. And the doc, who is great, basically draws a line around the infection area and says that if the redness spreads beyond that I’m pretty much going to the hospital.

Let’s have some happy thoughts.

Fortunately, the antibiotics he prescribed, which apparently are also used on elephants, seem to be working. I can limp somewhat and the redness has not crossed the dreaded line.

All of this got me to thinking about the power of small.

One small insect almost put me in the hospital. Another bug, a medical one, put Middle Son in the hospital for 10 days. One small cutting rebuke can demoralize your child. One negative thought can compound into depression.

But one small act of kindness can be a lifesaver. One small helping hand can change the world. One small positive thought can blossom into the knowledge that you can do anything.

Small is power. Use the power of small, but use it for good.