The Power Of The Finger

Jul 4, 2011 by

Or, if you prefer a subtitle, More Lessons From Boy Scout Camp. Probably should put that in parenthesis.

Or, (More Lessons From Boy Scout Camp). Yes, that’s better.

When you have roughly 700 pre-teen and teenagers running amok, control is key.  Apparently, cattle prods are now frowned upon at Boy Scout camps. Duct tape is allowed, but not wrapped around scouts. What to do?

It’s all in the fingers.

I remember watching the movie, The Presidio, starring Mark Harmon and Sean Connery. Connery is basically a man’s man, the stud we all wish to be.

But I digress.

There’s a scene in the movie where Connery is in a bar and being pestered by a group of guys who apparently don’t realize this is Sean Connery and it’s a movie and therefore, they are about to get spanked.

Connery takes them on … with his thumb and only his thumb. And pretty much sends the hooligans crying to their mommies.

A powerful device, that little thumb. The Sons of Thunder are quite proud of the fact they can kill a man with a thumb, as previously noted here.

But I digress again.

So how does one man, standing out in the middle of a field surrounding by 700-plus kids, take control?

Simple really. He raises his right hand, holds up three fingers together, and says “sign’s up.”

Within nanoseconds, hundreds of hands are mimicking that gesture, and all saying the same thing. Within seconds, there is complete silence.  It is something you just have to see to believe. But it works … every time.

Incredibly powerful. But there is a caveat. The “sign’s up” only works when scouts are at a scouting function. I recently tried said “sign’s up” at home when The Sons were, well, being The Sons, at the dinner table. They looked at me like I was from some other planet and went right back to being, well, The Sons.

Whoever figures out how to transfer the power of “sign’s up” from scouting to everyday life is not only going to be very rich, but earn the eternal gratitude of every parent in the world.