Big … No, Huge … Er, Gigantor News

Aug 29, 2011 by

We have waited a long time for this day.

The “Store,” for lack of a better word right now, is open The site is

Here you can pick up Everyone Needs A Sam, the accompanying Study Guide, and yes, even the latest – The Little Black Dress and the SONS of Thunder ~ Recipes on Life and Food.

And just for fun, we offer combo packs for the two “Sam” books. But wait, as they say with Ginsu knives, there’s more.

You can get all three books at a special combo rate as well.

And if you need something to wear, or to stick on your car, well, we can help there too.

Please drop by and have a look. The Dress and I thank you for your support and encourage/hope/pray/ask you to share the news with all your friends.