The Defining Definition Of Deafening Silence

Aug 8, 2011 by

Ever faced the obvious to the point you missed it?

I don’t understand the silence. It is so quiet in my office I can hear myself thinking; I can hear the ever-increasingly annoying flap of butterfly wings across the yard.

Something is missing. And in one of those “slap your hand against your forehead” moments, it finally dawns on me.

The SONS of Thunder are gone – off to new adventures. School has started.

No more running into my office while I’m in the middle of penning the perfect thought that’s just about to come out and “DAD!!! Can I (fill in the blank).? Yeah, that thought is gone, gone, gone.

I guess I can blame it on my lack of sleep. And that’s simply because the SONS couldn’t sleep last night. And when the SONS don’t sleep, you don’t sleep because one after another they will come in and inform you – while you are dead asleep – that they can’t sleep. And when you finally get one settled, there’s two more just waiting to wake you up.

You stand no chance. It’s just a vicious circle.

Despite my threats, pleas, bribes and other things I am now completely ashamed of, there was no way the SONS were sleeping. One would think it was Christmas Eve or something and they had actually been good so there was some quid pro quo going on.

And then The Little Black Dress starts in with those whole “they’re just excited about school starting” and I’m looking at her like she’s nuts. Who gets excited about school starting?

The Dress looks at me like I was raised by rabid dogs.

But I start thinking about it and turn into the quite proud father. My boys are excited to go back to school; excited to learn; excited to change the world; excited to be better than they were yesterday.

Someone stop me.

They are excited the same reason I was excited. To show off the new duds, to show off how much I grew, to see friends. And maybe, just maybe, the home room teacher will work wonders with the alphabet soup of last names and somehow I get to sit next to that little girl. The one who was all the way up front last year, while I was relegated to the back.

It’s easy for us to watch our kids and jump on them for doing something wrong. Like they could actually get away with it. Don’t they realize we tried the exact same thing with our parents?

Oh wait.

They are just like us. Same jokes, same pranks, same thoughts and wishes and dreams. Same “what in the world were you thinking??!!!” stunts. Same excitement.

So I tried to go back to sleep, but smiled a little as well. I remembered that as a kid there were a lot of good times. Times like what the SONS are going through right now.

We need to remember to share those excitements, not only to share, but share “in” those excitements of our kids. Even if it is going back to school.



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