The Dress, The SONS ~ Part 1

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It is said never judge a book by its cover.

Wonder if you can judge it by its Table of Contents?

Let’s find out.  My new book, The Little Black Dress and the SONS of Thunder ~ Recipes On Life And Food, will be out shortly. It’s split into two sections, Part One details what we would call the “early years.” Part Two covers the last few.

Below is the intro to Part One, as well as the chapter titles to the “early years.”


There was a man, a journalist by profession,

a writer by passion. And he was alone.

One day he met her and soon they married.

She became his Little Black Dress.

Together they traveled across the country.

They started a family – the first Son of Thunder,

followed a couple of years later

by yet another Son of Thunder.

Together, they climbed mountains,

yet also fell into valleys.

And all that time The Dress kept telling him

to follow his passion.

And finally he did.




The story begins …

Sage Advice From Talking Animals

Watch Where You Fly

Obligatory Day

Basil Bread D.C.

So You Want To Fight?

So Many Toys, So Little Time

The Best Among Man’s Best Friends

Billy And The Dress Share A Dish

A Man And His Truck

Dressing Up A Son Of Thunder

Road Warrior

Blackening Mix

Define A Perfect Lawn

Revenge Of The Squirrels

Turning Strangers Into Friends

Brenda’s “Why Is This Always So Hot? Shrimp/Crawfish Etouffee

A Green Thumb … That Would Be A No

Don’t Worry, Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Because They Said So

That Potty Training Victory? Down The Drain

Calorie Nightmare Shrimp Fettuccini

How You Cook Says … Something

I Do Not Like To Rake Leaves

Golf, Like Life, Has Its Ups And Downs

Chicken Marsala Winters’ Style

It Is Seriously Quiet In Here

Golf With The Eldest Son Of Thunder

The Rules: Hanging Christmas Lights

Cobb Salad Ala Potomac

A Birthday Letter

Batteries Not Included

Turning 40

Dunnavan’s Beef

It’s Freezing, Let’s Go Play Golf

Our First – The Teacher Conference

The Difference Between Men And Women – Shopping

Eastern Market Blackened Tuna

Questions With No Answers

Time For An Infomercial

Pillows Having Babies, Making A Nuisance

Eby’s “Finally Something I Love” Seafood Stew

Welcome to The Zoo

The Sons Of Thunder Write To The Little Black Dress

It’s The Little Things In Life That Count

Eddi’s Steampot

A Father’s Advice

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