A Special Day For The Little Black Dress

Oct 19, 2011 by

Today, is a big day in our household  – the Little Black Dress hits another milestone.

This will make 29 such milestones.

The oldest SON of Thunder is now 13. Which means … you do the math. For the record, we  – The Dress and I that is – were both well past the legal drinking age limit when we married. It’s sorta complicated.

When the SONS were younger, they would inappropriately ask The Dress her age. The answer was always the same – 29. That worked for a while when they were younger, but now the SONS just look at her and go “oh Mom” and “weren’t you 29 last year?” and then look at me and I look back at them with a “don’t go there” look and we just let it drop.

If The Dress says she’s 29, who am I to argue?

I have a tradition of writing each of the SONS a letter on their birthday.  And so one for The Dress as well:

Dear LBD:

You wore a pink dress when we got married. And everyone gasped when you started walking down the aisle. And my best man hit me in the back and said something along the lines of “you lucky dog.”

Yes I was, and am.

I know you like lots of fawning and adjectives and adverbs and, well, lots of words.

And you know that’s not me.

All I can say is “thanks.”

Thanks for marrying me.

Thanks for putting up with me and the SONS.

Thanks for the SONS.

Thanks for all the bonfires and times in the rocking chairs.

Thanks for all the times folding laundry.

Thanks for being you, and staying you.

Thanks for being my Sam.

Happy birthday.

Love you

The Writer.



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