Mine, No Mine, Uh, No Mine, Grilled Butterfly Porkchops

Oct 21, 2011 by

There is somewhat of a discussion in our house about who came up with this recipe. The Little Black Dress is quite adamant she did. She is mistaken. Note I did not say she was wrong. The Dress is never wrong, just ask her. It’s my recipe, but in order to keep from being stabbed with a kitchen knife we’ll just let The Dress go on thinking it’s hers. We always cook these pork chops out on the grill. We favor the really thin chops, but it’s pretty awesome with thick – one-inch or so – chops as well.

Boneless pork chops  – we’ll leave the number up to you

Minced garlic

Fresh or dried Rosemary

Olive Oil

Cavender’s Greek seasoning.


Okay, here’s the hard part:

Liberally coat each chop with olive oil on both sides. Then, sprinkle on the rosemary (fresh is better, just dice it up) and the minced garlic.

Season with the Greek seasoning, or whatever else you want to use.

Throw them on the grill.



Thank us later.

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