Yeah, But Can It Do This?

Oct 16, 2011 by

So the latest iPhone or Iphone or IPhone, or however you spell it, is out.

Judging by the lines at stores and various internet reports, this ranks up there with a new Harry Potter movie, or the Beatles reforming and touring. That last 0ne would be something, since two of them are dead.


Having played around with said new phone, I can say with complete authority it can pretty well control a space shuttle launch. And send you reminders in a myriad of ways to remind you that today is launch day so you’ve been duly reminded.

It can also take pictures and video of said launch, track the launch on various maps, give you a weather report for the “go,” “no-go,” decision, allow you to take notes of what you need to do next time, and check your stock portfolio when you have a minute.

And then there’s Siri, the new “personal assistant.”

Basically, the shuttle crew can speak into the new toy and Siri will tell them the weather, which way they’re heading, their exact location and if there’s a Mexican restaurant along the way to Mars. And if you ask, she’ll also tell you how she’s feeling, and thank you for asking.

I kid you not.

And it does all that right out of the box. Meaning before you even visit the App store to trick up your new toy. The App store is a pretty crazy place and simply proves people will buy anything. It’s also dangerous, because most apps only cost 99 cents and before you can say “wow, what a cool app,” you just blew the equivalent of a car payment buying lord knows how many apps to do, well, stuff.

Yeah, technology rocks. This little device is a camera, tape recorder, calendar, map, text messenger, e-mailer, web surfer, note taker and so on and so forth.

And by the time I finish this blog Google and HTC and Samsung and everyone else will have their version out, which will include Bob, your personal massage therapist, just to one-up Apple.

Yeah, technology rocks. And it completely misses the point.

Because if I’m standing in my kitchen, I still can’t make a call. And when I go upstairs and stand on one foot and hold my left arm at some crazy angle, I may get one bar. And I’ll hurry to make the call and right in the very middle of the conversation, I’ll lose reception.

We miss the point with all this fancy technology. Companies are in such a rush to add stuff, they forget the basics. Like the primary job of a cell phone is to, you know, make a phone call. Why don’t we focus on that just for giggles.

As much as I like Siri, I’d break up with her in a minute if it meant I could actually hear the person I’m talking with and not have to say “can you hear me now?” every 30 seconds.

We are in such a rush to have the latest, greatest, fastest whatever that we miss the point. We forget the basics.

Say thank you, say please, keep your word, honor your commitments, do the job right the first time, stand up for your friends and don’t run with scissors.

Keep the basics and life will go much more smoothly.

Gotta go, Siri’s calling.



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