Saying Goodbye To Some Of The Men Of 47

Nov 18, 2011 by

A big day.

Tonight, I will be saying goodbye to the eldest members of the Men of 47. Me and about 100 others.

Emotions conflict. I’m excited. I’m sad. I’m incredibly worried I will either forget something or something doesn’t work and I’ll be blamed the rest of my life for ruining the Big Day for my men.

Not that there is any pressure or anything. Especially since one of the SONS of Thunder, and one of his best friends, a SON of Lightening, are involved.

Tonight, the Webelos II – the oldest men of Cub Scout Pack 47 – “Crossover” and become Boy Scouts.

And I have to make sure everything goes exactly according to plan. And because it involves parents and pre-teen boys, you know that won’t happen.

But there will be a huge bonfire. And everyone knows a bonfire can cover a multiple of errors. Unless of course someone catches fire from said bonfire.

And so it is only fitting that I repost the blog explaining why these boys are men.

Gentlemen, thank you. It has been an honor.

Never forget what a real man is:


Cub Scouts Showing The ‘Want To’

Experts say one of the greatest fears faced by adults is public speaking.

It ranks up right up there with, well, public speaking. A select few relish the arena; the majority, when asked, respond with “just shoot me now.”

With that in mind, think what it’s like for kids, especially when those kids will be standing, reciting and carrying wreaths at a very serious event, all under the eyes of lots of big adults, many with guns.

So it was yesterday during a 9/11 memorial ceremony in our town.

Our cub scouts, the Men of Pack 47 associated with Central Baptist Church, showed the “want to” in spades yesterday. I’ll explain that phrase in a minute.

The younger Men stood up in front of all those adults I mentioned before, and led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. A lot of those boys weren’t even born when the planes hit. They showed the “want to.” They pretty much shamed many “big-time” celebrities who forget what it’s all about, especially when butchering the national anthem in front of world audiences.

The older Men stood tall beside five wreaths, each representing a rescue or first-responder agency. When it was time, they carried those wreaths with a pride and dignity that you would find in few places, places like Arlington National Cemetery. They showed the “want to.”

I was a journalist, editor and publisher in the newspaper business for more than 20 years. I covered and heard more speeches than the majority of people reading this blog combined.

A less than five-minute speech by Todd Moore, deputy chief of the Coweta County Fire Department, ranks in my Top Five.

“If you asked me what I remember most … I saw a lot of ‘want to,’” he said.

That “want to” is passion, doing the job that needs to be done because … it needs to be done.

Quoting the Times-Herald, our local newspaper, “When you have two buildings burning … and thousands trapped … and you hit that stairwell with 100 pounds of gear on your back … that takes a lot of ‘want to.’”

“When you decide to take down the plane you are on, knowing it will mean your death, that takes a lot of ‘want to.’”

The Men of Pack 47, not one yet a teenager, showed the “want to.” I call them Men because they acted like men. Age does not make a man. Doing what needs to be done, doing it with honor and respect, that is part of what makes a man.

Age does not make a man.

And so to the Men of 47, you did an awesome job under very trying circumstances. You showed the “want to.”

I’m honored to be your Cubmaster.


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