The Little Black Dress Gets A Doll House

Jan 10, 2012 by

It was supposed to be a birthday present for The Dress.

Her birth month – The Dress does not believe in a single special day – is October. Didn’t happen, the doll house completion I mean.

So we decided it would be a nice Thanksgiving treat. Or maybe not. So let’s shoot for a big Christmas present. Getting there, but still no cigar.

What a great way to start off the New Year. Oh, that was soooooo close.

I’m writing this in mid-January. Minus some molding around the outside under the siding, The Dress has her doll house. I’m pretty sure the two of us could never build a house together if it was anything like this little endeavor.

I did not build said doll house – a contractor friend got that task. Did I just say contractor? For a doll house? And If I had a nickel for every time I asked “why aren’t we done yet?” Well …

Oh yes. Because you see, there are doll houses and then there are doll houses. I refer to it as the doll house simply because that’s what the SONS of Thunder call it. As in, “where’s mom?” “She’s out in her doll house.”

Personally, I think the term “shed” is adequate.

But as anyone knows, one does not use the word “shed” and “The Dress” in the same sentence.

To The Dress, it is her refuge. Her design area. Her creative space. Or simply, The Cottage.

And already she is moving all her “creative treasures” out of the garage and into her cottage or creative space or whatever. And I may soon be able to actually walk through said garage. That makes me happy. Happy that she will have her very own place for her stuff treasures. For those who wonder about the differences between the two of us regarding stuff treasures, please see this blog.



After nearly four months, The Dress is beginning to smile. The Cottage or doll house or whatever is slowly taking shape. We are able to move somewhat in our garage and the rest of the house is slowly emptying of stuff treasures.

Which means of course the doll house is beginning to fill up.

Which means of course that in-between the “I love it,” and “Thank you” and “you are the most awesome man of all time” comments, there is an occasional “maybe we should have made it a little bigger.”

For the record, the shed Cottage is roughly 300 square feet – 20 feet long and 16 feet wide. It might be bigger than our bedroom.

Once The Dress is satisfied – satisfied that all creative treasures are in their proper place and the landscaping is done and the final molding and the shrubs planted and walkways built and …

We’ll give you one of those video tours.

But for now, The Cottage stands – waiting for the creatively to flow.

The LBD's Cottage


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