The LBD’s Latest Thankful Thursday – Remembering Thankful Thursday On This Maundy Thursday

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It’s Thankful Thursday’s over at the Little Black Dress’ blog. Here’s a repost:

It is rather easy to write a  Thankful Thursday today because we have a lot to be thankful for as believers.  How blessed we are as Christians to know our hope is in Christ as we prepare for Easter Sunday!

Today is known to many as Maundy Thursday, it was the day that Jesus had the Last Supper with the disciples before his crucifixion on Friday. One of my fondest memories has always been attending the re-enactment of the Last Supper and even a foot washing service with my parents. It was always an awesome experience.

We refer to Friday as Good Friday, but it was certainly a day full of pain, torment and suffering for our Lord and Savior. For the believer, however, it is a good day.  A day when Jesus took on my sins, your sins and all the sins of the world.  Those sins that were, are and ever to be.

That is amazing love.  And remember the best part is Sunday is coming!  Resurrection Day!

Last spring I picked up my father’s bible and saw his hand written notes in it. What a gift.  What a legacy to have his bible but more importantly the Godly influence he imparted to me.  For a moment, I could not believe he and my mom are both gone.  Sometimes it feels like a dream.  A wave of loss washed over me that I could never describe, but all of you who have lost someone you love know that kind of grief I am talking about.  I thought to myself , God knows my pain because he too watched his Son suffer and die.  He cares about our every need, our greatest joys and our deepest sorrow.

I turned to one of my favorite books in the bible, John, and finally made my way to John 14.  

The first thing I read, which was underlined in pencil was the following:

John 14:1

Do not let your hearts be troubled, Trust in God; Trust in me.  In my father’s house there are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you.

What a comfort to read this passage “Do not let your heart be trouble”  and “In my father house there are many mansions.”  To all those who have lost loved ones, it is a comfort indeed. It was so wonderful to read those words. On this Thankful Thursday, dear friends, do not let your heart be troubled, trust in God. Our hope is in Christ and the we are indeed safe in the Cross of Christ. What a gift to be reminded of this. What a hope.  What a future we have in store for us!

I read further and the next scripture dad underlined was John 14:6

I am the way, the truth and the life.

He knew it and I am so blessed that I know it too!  For all who know Christ as their Lord and Savior, we know He is the way!  He is the way for help, for wisdom, for guidance, for freedom, for healing, for restoration, and for eternal life!  He is indeed the way, the only way!

He can help you break any addiction, any stronghold and any giant that you face!

As Winters writes in his book, Everyone needs a Sam, I love how He shared that Jesus is the Ultimate Sam.  He is the guy that says I can carry you and I carry your burden too.  He is the guy you want beside you and guarding your back,  you will never find a better mentor and friend than Jesus Christ. He will never leave you or forsake you!  I hope you know Him well and if not, I urge you to get to know this guy, this amazing Savior, Jesus Christ! You won’t be disappointed I promise.

This Easter I pray that you find your hope in Christ and Him alone and let the things of this world be less and less important and allow Christ to become more real in your life.

I hope you never forget how precious you are to God, so precious that He would send His only Son to die just for you! May we set our attention and gaze at the Cross of Christ this Thankful Thursday.

Be blessed and encouraged abundantly today as we celebrate what Christ did for us on the Cross and the resurrection of our Lord and Savior!

Remember dear friends, Sunday is Coming!

Praise Be To God!

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