There Are Rocks And Then There Are LBD Rocks

Aug 28, 2012 by

The Little Black Dress has the Mohs Hardness Scale down pat.

What she’s learning about rocks and minerals is impressive. This is especially true when you consider she somehow bypassed every science class in school.

I know this, this being the whole rock thing, because every night lately she and Youngest SON of Thunder have recited and recited and recited said hardness scale and various rock/mineral definitions.

To listen to her say “sedimentary,” well, Shakespeare could write a sonnet around it.  And don’t get my started on “igneous.” As the word glides over her tongue, well, let’s just say it works for me.

But it is not all sensuous in the kitchen. There are times a wee bit of frustration, nay, friction develops between The Dress and Youngest. The latter thinks he has it all memorized, the LBD … not so much.

There are complaints of needing to stop to eat from Youngest. There are bribes/threats from The Dress to withhold substance until said Mohs is down pat.

And there was a slight feeling of pressure in the room, with the idea of failing to correctly identify all minerals properly would somehow scar Youngest for life.

At one point The Dress had enough of talc and cleavage and topaz. She turned to me and said, “the only rocks I care about are diamonds and sapphires.”

I asked about rubies and emeralds …

“No, I’m fine with just diamonds and sapphires … and pearls. Yes, definitely pearls,” she said.

I politely tried to point out to her that technically, pearls aren’t rocks/minerals.

And I ducked just in time before one of the rocks she had borrowed for training purposes hit me in the head.

But later on, after the kids were in bed, I did get her to say igneous in my ear.


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