Editorial – Paula Deen Victim of Political Correctness

Jul 5, 2013 by

Following is the editorial I wrote for The Newnan Times-Herald about the whole Paula Deen fiasco. And yes, I spell “the word” out:

Enough already.

Since the passage of the Voting Rights Act back in the 1960s, certain words became taboo. And everyone, everywhere, agreed. Just like that, everything changed. It was a new era, a new dawn, and all races were just going to hold hands and life would be forever changed for the better. The past never happened.

And let’s all wake up now.

One of those words was what the national media refer to as the N-word. Thankfully, they have censored the full spelling to protect our innocence. They have become the moral judge of what words can and cannot be used. We don’t talk about racial killings or murders anymore; it’s now ethnic cleansing, for example. Or death with dignity, which in reality is someone helping someone else kill themselves.

Enough already.

For the uninitiated, the forbidden N-world is spelled out as nigger. There, it’s now out in the open. The sky has not fallen, the Earth has not imploded, and no one has tried to divide by zero. It is an incredibly derogatory term, especially when used by one race to define another. There are other N-words out there – redneck, white trash, spic, wetback, chink, slant eye, wop. Yet it is the N-word that somehow has been elevated to the highest level of forbidden slang. Curse God using his name, and that’s OK. But don’t ever use the N-word.

Poor Paula Deen apparently didn’t get the message. In a court deposition that has now gotten out, the queen of Southern cooking admitted to using the term. This all comes from a sexual and racist lawsuit filed against Deen and her brother by a fired white manager. Deen used the term to describe an individual who held a gun to her head while he was robbing a bank. If that’s the worst she said about the man who could have killed her, we are all in trouble. She also admitted to using the term at other occasions, but can’t remember the last time.

Would every person in America – regardless of color – who has never used any of the aforementioned various N-words or laughed at a joke containing such a term please stand up?

Apparently, Deen was the only one who did not. And now every sponsor who made millions off her is pushing to get in front of the line to fire her and “disassociate” from her for her incredibly incorrect political correctness and failure to get with modern times. These sponsors are appalled, mind you, appalled.

The woman has put out videos and appeared on national television and apologized. But that’s not good enough. A sacrifice must be made to the PC gods, and the heretic is Paula Deen.

Enough already.

Political correctness has run amok – whether it be regarding race or religion. America will stand by and watch our flag being burned, our embassies and consulates attacked, our State Department employees kidnapped and killed, our soldiers killed – all in the name of Allah. And we wring our hands and hold congressional hearings and then send them more damn military aid to appease them. But lord help us if someone burns a Koran or defaces a mosque or serves a Muslim prisoner pork. The entire weight of the United States legal system will bear down.

The equality of political correctness is sorely lacking.

A white woman who started with nothing and built a mini-empire business must be destroyed because of a term she used. Yet let us celebrate and honor black rappers who write songs about having sex with countless “white hoes” and killing cops – and keeping track of the totals. Let’s make them multi-millionaires. We let every racist rant go because they are “artists.” And let’s just smile and shake our heads every time some Hollywood star tweets a homophobic rant. Because, you know, they didn’t really mean it. And they’re artists and it’s just a part of who they are as they find themselves.

Are we defending Paula Deen? No. Nor do we defend actions by any religion or race to intentionally hurt or deride another because of their race or religion. But the absurd venom against Deen is beyond appalling in light of what we as a nation and people let slide. You can’t say nigger, but you can curse God. You can brag about your sexual exploits, talk about killing cops, make homophobic comments, but don’t ever use the N-word.

It is time to level the playing field of political correctness.

It is time for all of us to stop any form of racial or religious bigotry. A white woman who uses the N-word should be treated the same as a black man talking about rednecks and crackers. None of these words should be in our vocabularies. And we can start by stop supporting businesses, artists, stars and others who continue such actions. The pocketbook – how you spend your money – is a powerful economic tool to stop racism.

Political correctness is running amok and it is time to stop.

Enough already.



  1. Judi Allen

    This article hits it on the head. Let’s chill out and grow up. I don’t know what I would say if someone was holding a gun to my face, but it would not be polite and politically correct. A lot has been said regarding this incident but I think the companies who have dropped Paula are just not in tune with reality and afraid of being boycotted for no action taken. Well I would admire someone who says “yes she made a mistake, don’t we all?” ” She has been a mainstay to our company and we are going to stand behind her” Oh well “just a dream, just a dream!

  2. Angie

    Here, here!!! I could not agree more, John Winters! Let’s ‘fight’ fair, how ’bout it?? The morals that govern our country are so off track! How can we be okay with companies like Nike, who defended their endorsement of Tiger Woods (you remember him…the multi-gzillionaire that was discovered to be cheating on his wife and children with countless ‘ho’s’) with a quote..”Winning takes care of everything!” Maybe if Paula Deen could impress us with her athletic prowess she wouldn’t be in the mess she is in.:) Come on people!!! Thank you, John for standing up for what’s RIGHT.

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