Sunday’s Column – Waging War

Nov 17, 2013 by

(The Little Black Dress has taken over the column today)

Sometimes a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do.

Okay, what I really meant to say was,” Sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.”

Several weeks ago Winters took action. He might have decided to act after he read my tweet on Twitter. The one where I said, “When dust bunnies can now run from you it is probably time to bring in the professionals.” Yes, the professionals.

I can do a lot of things and I can do a lot of them very well. I say that not to sound in any way vain but to simply say I know where my gifts lie and where they do not.

I also know that there is an art to keeping a house in mint condition. I have learned it is an art. It is not something for mere mortals, there are pros that can save us. Trust me.

I have personally tried every method to clean a house. I have read every book known to man that might help me here at our retreat, but to no avail. Cleaning a house well is a gift and I do not have this gift.

But knowing our strengths and weaknesses is also a gift. I coach women all the time and say this very thing, focus on your gifts. Focus on what you do well and give attention to weaknesses as necessary – but remember my friend they do not define you.

Our homes are our haven and our sanctuary. To be a haven, they must be neat, clean and orderly. But I am afraid lately you might find me buried under mounds of laundry and being chased by dust bunnies.

Enter the scene ~ Winters to the rescue. My birthday was last month and after I was attacked viciously by the largest dust bunny I have ever seen, Winters saw my desperation. All I can say was that I was launching a new business, trying to finish several books, clean the house, work on homework, help the Youngest SON heal from a tonsillectomy …

Winters talks with Lette.

My hero and rescuer. She was and is a gift. She has a gift to take a house and make it look spotless in, well, a blink of an eye.

This was Winters’ birthday present for me. But I wonder if it was actually a gift to himself?

Does having help to keep up this old house feel way to extravagant? Yes. Does it feel like a life preserver to a drowning Little Black Dress? Absolutely.

So today I am so grateful that Winters realized I needed help and sent in reinforcements.

I am grateful that all the dust bunnies have been captured and released into the backyard.

I encourage you to to focus on your strengths and to find others to help you in your weaknesses. To remember that is okay to ask for help. To remember that it is okay you cannot do everything. It is about finding community – God did not mean for us to be able to do everything by ourselves.

Winters, in one of his books, calls these people “Sams.” The ones who stand beside you and help you against your giants. My “Sam” is named “Lette.” And my giants are dust bunnies and laundry and sick kids and homework and finishing books and …

So I encourage you to celebrate your own “Sams” and Lettes,” the queen of clean.

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