Sunday’s Column – Following Death

Feb 9, 2014 by

I have never been particularly fond of Facebook.

To me, it seems almost the social media equivalent of stalking. Everyone joins to check out whatever happened to that boyfriend or girlfriend from high school or college.

The other major activity occurs once a year when everyone “writes on your wall” to remind you that you are another year older. Thanks for that.

But over the last few days, I’ve taken a special interest in FB. I have followed the heartache of two dear friends of ours – Billy and Bronwyn. It is a story of sadness, disbelief and true pain. It is also a powerful example of hundreds of people around the country joining in prayer and posting uplifting notes, of a young couple standing strong together, making life-altering decisions.

More importantly, it is a beautiful story of grace and faith through it all.

I will let them tell their story as they posted their journey on Facebook. Edited for space.

Bronwyn: (Jan. 28, 10 p.m.) My Dad was attending the “Rolex 24hr” Sports car race in Daytona. On Sunday he was walking across International Blvd and was struck by a car. He was alone and suffered massive brain injuries, multiple skull fractures, along with multiple other serious injuries … They have him in a medically induced coma on a ventilator. I know God alone can heal!

Bronwyn: (Jan. 29, 3:45 p.m.) “The nurses took dad out of sedation this morning and he didn’t wake up. His swelling increased after lightening the sedation, so they had to put him back under. Prayers please.

Bronwyn: (Jan. 30, 10 a.m.) Thank you to each and everyone of you for your prayers. My heart is simply broken. I want my dad to wake up. I want him to enjoy picking out amazingly creative Christmas presents for Jake, I want him to tell me how proud he is of me as a mother, how very much he loves Billy. Please lift us up in prayer.”

Bronwyn: (Jan. 31, 9:15 p.m.) We are still in a critical wait mode … I’ve brought in some Eagles(one of his favorite cd’s) to play.

Bronwyn: (Feb. 1, 9:30 a.m.) In the midst of all this tragedy, I have to say thank you for the prayers. Please don’t stop now … I have to think The Lord is working in this somehow. I know who holds tomorrow. So to my friends and family, God Bless you for taking time away from your own precious family to intercede for us right now.

Bronwyn: (Feb. 2, 2 a.m.) The neurosurgeon is worried about the possibility of brain shearing, very serious prognosis. Prayers please

Bronwyn: .(Feb. 3, 9:15 p.m.) I love this man and need him to wake up for me. Thank you for your continued prayers. We still need them desperately above all else.

Bronwyn: ( Feb. 5, 4 p.m.) No response overnight … We are meeting with the neurosurgeon and palliative care physician today. Please pray for discernment as we make decisions for his care and future

Bronwyn: (Feb. 5, 7:40 p.m.) Over 24 hrs off of full sedation, Dad is still completely unconscious … I know this man well and am aware that he would not want to live in this condition. Tomorrow at 1:00, I am surrendering it all to The Lord. They will be removing the ventilator. This is a most difficult decision.

Billy: (Feb. 6, 9 a.m.) Today I will stand by Bronwyn’s side as she makes the most difficult decision a daughter will ever have to make. Baby your beauty is matched only by your strength! You honor your father with dignity and respect. Take comfort in the knowledge that you will see him again.

Billy: (Feb. 6, 3 p.m.) After 2 hours off of life support Pop is still fighting as he has his whole life. Your father is a strong man Bronwyn and I know its hard to see him like this, but he is proud of the way you have fought for him.

Bronwyn: (Feb. 6, 10 p.m.) “It is well”… Dad met his Savior tonight at 6:10pm. I held his hand for over 4 hours until he drew his last breath.

Billy posted a beautiful photo of Bronwyn and her dad smiling into the camera. His only comment was “Godspeed Pop.”

Yes. Godspeed indeed Mr. Ronnie.




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