For Little Abby

Jan 7, 2013 by

A very, very difficult story to write. Death and life, all on Christmas. Here’s Abby’s story as I wrote it in The Newnan...

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A Murdered 17-Year-Old’s Bucket List

Oct 17, 2012 by

This is a sidebar story that ran last Sunday in The Newnan Times-Herald on Blake Chappell’s “bucket list.” He...

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The Death Of Blake Chappell

Oct 16, 2012 by

Sunday’s column talked about the stories I wrote on the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Blake Chappell. This is one...

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A Murder In My Hometown

Jan 22, 2012 by

I’ve covered a lot of murders. For whatever reason, this one bothers me more than most. Maybe it’s his age, the way he...

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Explaining 9/11 To The SONS Of Thunder

Sep 4, 2011 by

A couple of nights ago we watched a National Geographic documentary on 9/11. The show is set up like a timeline of the events, and...

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When Life Has No Answers

Feb 3, 2011 by

Over the last 48 hours, my e-mail inbox has overflowed. The names flying about in the “reply to all” bring back memories...

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You Are Dead To Me

Apr 23, 2010 by

There are certain phrases you never want to hear. Things like “you have cancer” or “I want a divorce.” Even...

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Chapter 5 (Part 2): A Son Of Thunder Recounts The Battle

Oct 21, 2009 by

Continuing on with our recounting – and payback – of our middle Son of Thunder’s battle against the deadly bug. As...

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Chapter Five: A Son Of Thunder Recounts The Battle (Part 1)

Oct 18, 2009 by

Okay, not really. But his parents do. They remember the prayers from old and new friends across the country.  The sleepless nights....

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Chapter 4: A Son Of Thunder Returns From The Battlefront

Oct 14, 2009 by

There are scars, but time heals. The important thing is the middle Son of Thunder is back on familiar grounds.  He is home. This...

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Chapter 3: A Time Of Regrouping For A Son Of Thunder

Oct 12, 2009 by

Time, especially during war, has different speeds. One moment events are happening so fast you can’t breathe; another moment may...

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Chapter 2: The Son Of Thunder’s First Battle In The New War

Oct 11, 2009 by

While we only have small hand-held communication devices at this point, a quick update from the front lines: The middle Son of Thunder...

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Chapter 1: A Son Of Thunder Fights A Bug … And I Am Afraid

Oct 8, 2009 by

I hate bugs. I’m not talking about squishy bugs – those I just squish. I’m talking about medical bugs – the...

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The Balloons Fly

Jun 25, 2009 by

We held a gravesite memorial service for Mimi today. Mother of the Little Black Dress, grandma to the Sons of Thunder. By 10 a.m., it...

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The Sons Of Thunder Face Death

Jun 10, 2009 by

Explaining death to kids is a fascinating study. As adults, we try and use “comforting” terms and ease into the...

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“Where, O Death, Is Your Victory?”

Jun 9, 2009 by

“The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable; it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in...

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