The Purpose Of A Closet

Jan 31, 2013 by

There are a couple of things that give me pause about this photo. One, the spelling of “Marshall.” I go with...

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Zen And The Art Of Futility

Aug 10, 2011 by

Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” (attributed to Albert Einstein and...

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Why, Why Didn’t We Do That Sooner?

Feb 11, 2011 by

One of the most frustrating issues in life is the “why” question. Why did that happen? Why didn’t this happen? Why...

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When Life Has No Answers

Feb 3, 2011 by

Over the last 48 hours, my e-mail inbox has overflowed. The names flying about in the “reply to all” bring back memories...

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What Would Jesus Pack?

Jan 31, 2011 by

To start, this blog’s headline does not refer to the clothes Jesus might take on a missionary trip to Galilee; nor whether...

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Why The Chicken Crossed The Road

Oct 28, 2010 by

I for one normally bypass any chain e-mail claiming Obama is a Klingon, Nancy Pelosi is Satan’s sister (okay, still up for...

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Just Read The Sign

Jul 1, 2010 by

One would think a simple sign, written in less than 10 words and quite succinct in its message, answers the question. Yet it does not....

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We Need A “Perspective” App

Mar 26, 2010 by

An interesting phenomenon is emerging over the value of a dollar, give or take some change. Specifically, 99 cents or $1.99.  Every...

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A New Amendment – No Exemptions For Congress

Mar 23, 2010 by

I got an e-mail from a friend today. It’s one of those forwarded ones you normally dismiss. But this one got my attention. In a...

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Attention, Attention … I Need Attention

Mar 16, 2010 by

There are stories that make you go WTWhatever. Case in point: a woman is trying to set a new world’s record. Okay, fine with...

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Ever Wonder Where The Country Is Headed?

Mar 4, 2010 by

We need a government study.  One of those really in-depth, seriously focused, no-holes-barred types that illuminate us with new...

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Feb 25, 2010 by

You gotta love a deal. The Little Black Dress loves deals, also known as “sales.”  She can find a deal/sale that blows...

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Feb. 14 Is Really Obligatory Day

Feb 12, 2010 by

The Lost Files were weekly columns written back around 2001-2003 while I was running a newspaper in the Midwest. They seem to have...

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When You Have Way Too Much Time …

Feb 8, 2010 by

Sometimes you’ll come up with a silly idea.  An idea that pretty much makes anything important you might want to say rather...

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Life May Be Hard, But Board Games?

Jan 24, 2010 by

We, the Sons of Thunder and I, are in the hunt for a couple of games. For once, something that does not need booting up, plugging in...

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Why Are They Picking On Sea Salt?

Jan 19, 2010 by

I am at the grocery story looking for sea salt. With mission accomplished, I glance at the label. “THIS SALT DOES NOT SUPPLY...

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Why Don’t We Read Warning Labels?

Jan 11, 2010 by

We don’t because we think it’s for the other guy, or the producers of the product are covering their butts legally, or the...

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The Calm Before The Artic Blast

Jan 9, 2010 by

Weather is playing havoc with school.  Christmas break is extended a day due to weather. The Sons of Thunder are finally sent packing...

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How To Ensure Your Kid Gets Beaten Up At School

Jan 2, 2010 by

So the Little Black Dress is reading this “woman’s” magazine and suddenly breaks out in laughter. The Sons of...

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Well, It Was Supposed To Be A Game

Nov 30, 2009 by

The Sons of Thunder have a visitor – a girl. (Gasp from the audience). The girl in question is the daughter of one of the best...

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Oh Sure, Let’s Put The Christmas Tree Up Now And Have Family Time And R...

Nov 21, 2009 by

I believe we should celebrate holidays when they show up. You know, like on the calendar. This means I am one of those old farts who...

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Aug 2, 2009 by

I am continually fascinated with our collective fascination of actors/actresses. They become famous by acting – by pretending...

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Falling Chainsaws And Trees That Won’t Start

Jul 21, 2009 by

Why is it when a tree falls … It will land on a narrow gravel road. It will land on a narrow gravel road that’s also the...

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Let’s Tax People Who Lose Their Jobs

Apr 5, 2009 by

Why are unemployment benefits taxed? I realize you can defer those taxes, but you will eventually have to pay them. So why should the...

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My Credit Card Company Apologizes

Mar 19, 2009 by

Sorry, had to stop and laugh at that one for a minute. But one day after my rant about Capital One popping my interest rate up to...

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