Top 11 Posts For 2010

Dec 21, 2010 by

And why a Top 11? Because as anyone who knows me knows, I like to “flip the dog” and therefore don’t “do” Top Ten lists.

Duly noted that by doing a “Top Anything” list I am sort of doing what every one else does.  But I figured adding one will confuse others and therefore make it more fun.

So, without any more blabbering, here’s the Top 11 posts for 2010.

1.  What Is Just Flip The Dog

Okay, so I guess with a title like that and being on the front page, it would get some hits. But if you’ve never figured out the whole “flip the dog” concept, here’s your chance.

2. About (Updated 716-2010)

Guess you want to know who, what and why I am.

3. A New Amendment – No Exemptions For Congress

I was completely surprised by this one. Just a short blog about the proposed 28th Amendment. And that basically says Congress has to abide by any law it passes, just like the rest of us.

4. And He Shall Be Called Sam

Yeah! Okay, one of the very, very few times you’ll ever see me use an exclamation point. But it’s the announcement of my new book, Everyone Needs A Sam. Please check it out – and buy – here.

5. If You Ever Go To Boy Scout Camp …

Words of wisdom if you ever, well, go to Boy Scout camp.

6. The Circle Is Complete

The Little Black Dress loses her dad.

7. I’ve Never Cooked Bacon That Way

More Boy Scout stuff. Some kids only know how to cook with a microwave and a skillet/pot is completely foreign.  And a few other tasty morsels.

8. Sometimes A Little Romance Breaks Things

Well, it does.

9. It’s Pinewood Derby Time – Hoorah

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

10. You Are Dead To Me

I really hate/love this dog.

Please note I am not saying “and last but not least.”

11. The Most Precious Thing …

Never, ever mess with the things the Little Black Dress holds precious. But then we learn what precious really is.

You know, 11 is such a weird number, how about one more to even things out.

12. The Little Black Dress Can’t Smell

And she is not happy.

Merry Christmas everyone


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