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The Witness

Jan 28, 2016 by

Apparently, school administrators have to go to great lengths to ensure students, once in school, stay in school. I’m not talking...

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Missing letters

Jan 22, 2016 by

Ever get some jingle going and it won’t stop? I don’t mean a jingle like coins in your pocket, but rather some tune you heard on...

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Cone Power

Dec 22, 2015 by

Officially, or at least on paper, I was known as the expediter. This is not to be confused with an executioner, executive, expunger or...

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Weekend Column – Why?

Dec 15, 2015 by

There are six words every budding journalist had better answer on every story. Miss one of them, and a crusty old editor will yell and...

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Weekend Column – We Had Plans

Nov 9, 2015 by

The Little Black Dress and Kellyanne McCaul Warren could be considered friends of a lifetime. I’m talking the kind of friendship...

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Weekend Column – Pity The Fool

Nov 3, 2015 by

Some new neighbors moved into our subdivision not too long ago. I say “neighbors,” but I’m not too sure about the neighborly...

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