A New Day

Nov 30, 2016 by

(My first column as publisher and owner of The Coweta Shopper, a 40,000-monthly circulation direct mailed news, entertainment and...

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When you are both armed

Sep 23, 2016 by

The headlines are reporting more police shootings of black men, this time in Charlotte and my old hometown – Tulsa. Why? I was...

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Lost numbers

Jun 21, 2016 by

Not too long ago, I realized I did not know any of my sons’ cell phone numbers. I discovered this while filling out some form and had...

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What I Meant To Say

Jun 13, 2016 by

Leave it up to the national media to come with a word or phrase and, just as my mom would say, “beat it to death.” The latest word is...

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I’ll Share

Jun 6, 2016 by

The SONS of Thunder and I are playing bachelors. The Little Black Dress is off serving as chaplain of the Miss Oklahoma pageant while...

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And Then I Blinked

May 23, 2016 by

Eighteen years ago I was in an Alaskan stream fishing for silver salmon. Coho if you prefer the Native word. I had just hooked a very...

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