A lot has happened.

Since this blog started, the Little Black Dress lost both parents – within a year – to Alzheimer’s and related illnesses. We had moved from Georgia to Oklahoma to help take care of them. And now we are back in Georgia, and in the same house. Never could sell it, and in reality, we’re happy about that.

Several things are in the works.

This blog, thanks to Brian White of TriLion Studios, is one of them. He also built another site for me, a homepage so to speak, over at thejohnwinters.com. And he is building the LBD’s site as well. Right now the link goes to the old site, but be ready. I am sparse in my recommendations. He is one of the few.  Another is Beth Berry of Berry Graphics, who has designed about one million various logos, t-shirts, bumper stickers and whatever else I can think of for Just Flip The Dog. She worked for me in Alaska and at some point I will have to write about tracking her down in a bar – in Maine of all places. A long, but funny story. Nevertheless, she’s good.

There is a new book coming out – The Little Black Dress and the Sons of Thunder (With Recipes on Life and Food). If the title isn’t quite descriptive enough, let’s just say it’s a collection of my best newspaper columns, blog posts and some fun recipes. And some life stuff as well.

And there’s a study guide to accompany Everyone Needs A Sam, as well as e-book versions of “Sam” coming out shortly.

More to come, but in the meantime remember that 1. God is still in control and 2. when in doubt, just flip the dog.


(The July 2010 update below)

After about two years of writing this blog, it’s time for an update.

I love to write – I did it for 24 years while in the newspaper business.  It is my passion.  Since I am no longer in the newspaper business, I need another outlet. And so I’ve found it.

Earlier this month my first book, Everyone Needs A Sam, came out.  The book focuses on our need for mentors, who they are and are not, what they can and can’t do.  In this world, we need all the advice and counsel we can get, but it’s got to be the right kind of advice.  Throughout the book, I include biblical references highlighting the need for us to seek advice, to gain wisdom, to find our Sams.

You can learn more about the book, and hopefully join the conversation, over at Sam’s web site: Everyone Needs A Sam

(Original below)

I’ve been a journalist for a quarter of a century; and yet I just used the weak verb tense. Will fix that later. During that time I was a reporter, bureau chief in D.C., director of a national news service, editorial director of a national political web site and one of the few “news” guys who made publisher.

There’s fishing and then there’s fly fishing. I fly fish. And I don’t play near enough golf. And I’m still looking for the perfect sailboat.

With some major personal and professional upheavals colliding at once, we – as in The Little Black Dress, the three Sons of Thunder and myself – decided it was time to do something else.  We’re still figuring out just what “something else” is, or will be.

I’ll write about journalism, the internet, fly fishing, BlackBerrys (not the fruit), my kids (several potential books there alone), some serious cooking and whatever else gets me going.

Sometimes we’ll discuss serious matters of state; other times, we might try to figure out what to add to powdered water. I’ll violate the first rule of blogs – stick to one subject – simply because that’s not me.

In other words, you never know what might show up here. And that’s the point.

You’ll probably see a lot of “why is that” or “what’s up with that” type stories/posts. Things should make sense or at least have some logical explanation. They don’t.



And when all else fails, just flip the dog


  1. Juneaufriend

    You’re a class act JW, what you think and write will benefit many! We’re still watching over your favorite fly fishing location and you’re always welcome up here! Smiles from the north, SL and the other SL sends his regards too!

  2. Patsy DeWitt

    John – Here is a thought for you

    White House aides Katie McCormick-Lelyveld and Tommy Vietor engaged. So if they decide to hyphenate names will their children have the last name of McCormick-Lelyveld-Vietor?

  3. Jan Marie Ferrell

    Greetings from Washington State….

    Your talent sparkles here. This is now my favorite blog!

    Passive voice, though, I think you need some work on. Do some online research and tell me what is wrong with your first sentence…

    • My online research reiterates the fact I don’t like English majors, you being the only exception.

      Welcome to the site, you’ve been missed.

  4. John, I had an opportunity to meet Corby and one of the Sons of Thunder today. It was a real pleasure. I have been involved in the design and print arena for the past 16 years. Lets just say I remember “the dog” well. (I think maybe your team had the emulsion settings flipped) Anyway, I also have a love for writing and live here on Grand Lake. I look forward to meeting soon. In the mean time, I look forward to reading your posts and invite you to read my blog as well as my wife’s: http://www.LarryColeArt.com and http://www.jordonna.wordpress.com. Good luck on your journey as you “flip the dog”.

    • Thanks for your note. You were fortunate in that you were “eased in” by only having to deal with one Son of Thunder on your first visit. They have a tendency to gang up on newcomers.

      Saw your blog – “replacing mundane utility with functional beauty.” Now that’s classic.

      just flip the dog.

  5. Catron

    Long time no hear! Great blog. I’ll be back!

  6. You’re a class act JW, what you think and write will benefit many! We’re still watching over your favorite fly fishing location and you’re always welcome up here! Smiles from the north, SL and the other SL sends his regards too!


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