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Inspiring, funny, thought-provoking, passionate – welcome to the world of the Little Black Dress.

From A FabYOUlous You to Thankful Thursdays to the Power Prayer Girls, The Dress encourages and empowers women to reach their full potential in Christ.

The Dress is my wife, who agreed to be such in a moment of complete weakness and when her mind was obviously elsewhere; or it was pity. Regardless, I remain in her debt.

She tries to stay busy; busy as a speaker, writer, painter, jewelry designer, blogger, mother to the Sons of Thunder, wife of me, whom she calls “The Writer,” and shepherd to a dog that thinks it can fly, two cats that only come to her and a myriad of gerbils and hamsters that spin round and round all night long.

But let’s talk about her passion, other than the above of course.

The Dress is a Christan speaker. She loves teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of scriptures, storytelling, and good old life application. Her message is a relevant, tangible gospel for all believers which motivates and inspires women to greatness.

She incorporates prayer, exhortation, mentoring, counseling and her blog site to minister the power of God in women’s lives.

Her passion and purpose is to empower and equip women of all ages with spiritual truths to fulfill their calling, celebrate their life in Christ and walk in healing, wholeness, restoration and freedom.

Her ministry speaks to the whole woman – Mind, Body and Soul. Her desire is to help women experience God’s best in relationships, health, nutrition,style, beauty, home, inspiration, and so much more!

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