Online Newspaper Readership Less Than 5 Percent

Apr 14, 2009 by

I find this pretty amazing, but according to a recent article over at Nieman Journalism Lab,  only about three percent of newspaper reading is online.

Honestly, I thought it would be much higher, but I guess not.

Quote:  So, U. S. daily newspapers deliver a total of 90.3 billion page impressions per month, print and online.  The online share of these page is only 3.5 percent — 96.5 percent of page impressions delivered by newspapers are in print …

So in terms of attention span, newspapers hold readers a total of 99.5 billion minutes per month, of which only 3.0 percent is online. This correlates nicely with the pageview split.

There are some interesting comments in the full article, which by themselves are just as interesting. Some may argue with the methodology, but it’s a pretty well-thought out article.

Sort of a Catch-22 here. Readers are still reading the print edition, but advertisers are leaving in droves. And why would advertisers want to advertise on a newspaper web site that’s getting less than five percent readership?

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