How Print-First Is Working Out

Apr 15, 2009 by

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune recently started a new experiment of holding certain stories for its print edition first. Alan Mutter...

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Online Newspaper Readership Less Than 5 Percent

Apr 14, 2009 by

I find this pretty amazing, but according to a recent article over at Nieman Journalism Lab,  only about three percent of newspaper...

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Time For Some Links

Apr 9, 2009 by

On vacation, well trying to be and it’s not working out, but that’s another story. Anyway, there’s a couple of...

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Why Should I Buy A (Print) Newspaper?

Apr 2, 2009 by

I don’t know. And now I’ve said it. And it sucks saying it because it was my life for roughly a quarter of a...

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Holding Back The ‘Good Stuff’

Apr 1, 2009 by

It’s called “print exclusive” and the plan by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune might be the start of where print...

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Web Traffic For Newspapers Is Not The Holy Grail

Mar 24, 2009 by

It’s not the Holy Grail, and to be honest, a lot of web traffic is just plain useless. I would argue overall newspaper traffic...

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