With This Piece Of Paper …

Aug 4, 2009 by

You could actually get pretty well organized.

No monthly Blackberry/iPhone/(fill in your PDA/Smartphone device) subscriptions. No dead batteries to contend with, no need for charging, finding a signal and best up all, no reboot. Ever.

Heck, you could throw this baby against the wall and no harm, no foul. Okay, maybe you can’t really throw it, more like it glides/floats against the wall.

Want to ditch the electronic world? How about organizing your life with a single sheet of paper.

I speak of Pocket Mod, which literally is a personal organizer made up of a single sheet of paper.

I can only guess the inventors of this fun little productivity tool were at some bar in an origami contest and somehow sliced/diced/folded enough to come up with this.

And after they finished, there was this moment of silence and then everyone went “dude.”

It really is that ingenious – want a to-do shopping list; quick checkbook; contact information; daily, weekly, monthly yearly calendar; blanks for scribbling; lined sheets; grid sheets; games; and some ginsu knives?

This is it. Okay, maybe not the ginsu knives. But the rest is there, including Franklin’s Virtues – I kid you not.

And it all shows up on one piece of paper. Better yet, you determine just what you want in your own little organizer, which folds down to eight pages of whatever you want. Each page is slightly larger than a credit card.

But wait, there’s more. There’s even a YouTube video to show you how to cut and fold your organizer. You’ll actually need this the first couple of times.

The beauty is you simply go online and build your own, so to speak, personal organizer. You’ve got eight blanks and you determine what goes on each of those eight “pages.”

And yes, I’ll just say it now before someone else points it out. Yes, you do have to go online (use a computer), create your pocket mod using flash (a computer program) and then print it out (yes, another electronic device).

I get the irony.  That’s not the point.

But you could just create your perfect pocket mod and then just keep re-copying it, eliminating two of three aforementioned electronic devices.

In any event, check it out if you’re looking for an electronic alternative. And feel free to hit the donate button. You never know what these guys could do with two sheets of paper.