Don’t Tell Me, Don’t, Don’t … Ugh

Jul 15, 2010 by

I’ve written previously about the two types of people who watch movies – those who sit quietly and enjoy the experience; those who must know or tell everything before it happens.

I am a member of the first group, an adamant member of said group. Do not sit with me and tell me or ask me what is going to happen. Just don’t do it.  I become, shall we say, irate. And I will leave.

This is well known in our family, but the second Son of Thunder found a way to bypass my Prime Directive No. 1 regarding watching of movies.

He has created a third category of movie watchers: those who have not seen the movie, but have played the video game.  

Technically, his mind concludes he is not violating the Prime Directive because he has not seen the movie.  Yet because he played the video game, he knows everything that is going to happen.

And he let’s me know. Repeatedly. And he let’s me know. Repeatedly. And he let’s me know. Repeatedly.

The Prime Directive regarding movies consists of two parts: Never, ever tell me anything that is going to happen; second, if you don’t know … then “listen and you will learn.”

“That guy is about to get killed”

“What, not him … wait how do you know, you said you hadn’t seen this movie yet?”

(The guy gets killed)

“I haven’t seen it,” he responds.  “Oh, and she falls in the trap.”

“What trap?  I thought you hadn’t seen it? Quit telling me what is going to happen.”

(She falls in the trap)

I gave up.  Books are good.

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