The Dress, The SONS ~ Part II

Aug 24, 2011 by

Time to continue our investigation on judging books.

The old adage is not to judge a book by its cover. In the publishing world, that’s moronic because people pick up – or don’t – a book solely because of the cover. But in life I agree with the idea; for people it’s what’s inside that counts, not the outside.

Anyway, enough rambling.

Here’s another look at my upcoming book The Little Black Dress And The SONS Of Thunder ~ Recipes On Life And Food. This time, we’ll highlight the opening to Part Two, as well as the chapter titles for that section.



For a while, he stopped his passion.

 Family, career and life took their toll and his time.

There were good times, including the birth

of the third Son of Thunder.

Yet there were sad times:

 disease, a near death experience

and eventually real death

 hit close to home, and then hit again.

And he left his profession.

 Yet the family pressed on.

 The Dress continued to whisper in his ear,


And so he started again.





The story continues …


Finally, Perfect Popcorn

It’s Called “Permanent” For A Reason

A Rather Painful Subject

The Little Black Dress, The Little Blackberry

Fried Rice With The Sons Of Thunder

The Camping Trip, Part 1

The Camping Trip, Part 2

With This Thumb

I’ll Show You – Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Lord Of The Flies – Lite

Listen … And You Will Learn

Pearls (Of Wisdom) For The Sons Of Thunder

Just A Little Different Kind Of Salad

“Where, O Death, Is Your Victory?”

The Sons Of Thunder Face Death

The Balloons Fly

Milt’s Chili

I Am Losing This Battle

Listing With A List

You Never Forget Your First Joint

Mozzarella Chicken From The Dress

The Sons Of Thunder Take A Shot

The Little Black Dress Takes “The Test”

The Difference Between Men and Boys Is …

Morris Place Angel Hair Medley

The Minimalist And The Clutteralist

How To Get Your House Cleaned Spotless – For Free

Praise Him – Holy … Holy … Mackerel?

Not Just Another Orange Roughie

Chapter 1: A Son Of Thunder Fights A Bug … And I Am Afraid

Chapter 2: The Son Of Thunder’s First Battle In The New War

Chapter 3: A Time Of Regrouping For A Son Of Thunder

Chapter 4: A Son Of Thunder Returns From The Battlefield

Otis’ Steak

Chapter 5: A Son Of Thunder Recounts The Battle (Part 1)

Chapter 5: A Son Of Thunder Recounts The Battle (Part 2)

Presto Pesto

There Are Spiritual Gifts And There Are Spiritual Gifts

The Secret Ingredient

That Sound Of Silence? Doesn’t Exist

Put Hair On Your Chest Stuffing

Bonfires And Letting Go

Putting Up The Christmas Tree And That “Family Time”

Well, It Was Supposed To Be A Game

Simple, Simple, Spicy Cheese Dip

But I Said It Was An Accident

Another Rite Of Passage Is, Well, Passed

Knowing Your Fears

Tomato And “I’m Tired Of Lettuce” Feta Cheese Salad

Dig To China? Why Not?

How To Ensure Your Kid Gets Beaten Up At School

And Manna Falls

The Completely Real, Totally Fake, Lobster/Crab Bisque

Define “Take Care Of My Sons”

Where Angels Fear To Tread

Life May Be Hard, But Board Games?

The LBD’s Salsa

The Little Black Dress Can’t Smell

Those “Special Days” Can Sure Get Special

What Shall We Fear?

The Warrens’ “Okay, This Is Better Than Ethiopian Food” Rosemary and Crab Chicken

Everything Is A Choice

For Once, The Dress Didn’t Stand A Chance

The Purpose Of A Chair

Varnadow’s Chicken And Artichoke Hearts

You Are Dead To Me

Blue Balls

And He Shall Be Called … Sam

You Call That Chicken Salad? I’ll Show You Chicken Salad

Sometimes A Little Romance Breaks Things

So We Built “Sam” A New Room

When The Retail Shop Says No

We’re Just Playing Around Dijon Chicken

Manual Rocks And Technology Fails

If You Ever Go To Boy Scout Camp …

Just Read The Sign

Wings For Willis

When You Do Something Really, Really Dumb

Don’t Tell Me, Don’t Don’t … Ugh

When Illegal Immigration Hits The Church

Winning The Heart Of Your Own Little Black Dress (Grilled Rack Of Lamb)

Testing A Long-Time Friendship … Quickly

To The Youngest Son Of Thunder On His Day

The Dog Who Could Fly

You Call That A Collection? I’ll Show You A Collection

Let’s Call It A Wrap