But Wait, There’s More

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Like many of you, I have spent more than a few completely unnecessary late night hours learning all about the square aluminum pot, cooking with steam and Ginsu knives.

Infomercials, as they are called, all have one thing in common. Just when you think the announcer has included everything in the product(s) being sold – including the kitchen sink – he adds something else.

And it goes like this: “But wait, there’s more …”

Such is the life of Marques Gaines.

Originally from Atlanta, the thirty-two-year-old moved to Chicago. There he worked as a bartender at a major hotel chain.

In the early hours of Feb. 7, Gaines and friends were at a local pub after work. The group eventually split up and Gaines went next door to a 7-11 convenience store, according to various news reports.

He bought a bag of chips.

But wait, there’s more.

He went outside, where he was accosted by a larger man who had just been thrown out of the store. Words were spoken. With a single sucker punch, the other man smashes his fist into Gaines’ face.

Gaines crumples to the ground, his head smashing into the concrete of the street. There was nothing to block his fall. The assailant flees.

But wait, there’s more.

We know all this because the family obtained security video footage from outside of the 7-11 and also from a building across the street. They released it all a couple of days ago.

Back to Gaines. After a few seconds two men race up to him. Gaines, who is lying in the street at the corner of a very busy intersection, does not move. Others are closer, but these two come up to him.

But wait, there’s more.

The two men are clearly seen rifling through his pockets. It appears one man grabs his wallet. They run off.

But wait, there’s more.

For more than a minute, dozens of cars pass by Gaines, who remains where he fell. Dozens of people walk by. No one stops. No one does anything.

But wait, there’s more.

After nearly two minutes since being struck by the assailant, Gaines is run over by a taxicab.

He’s pronounced dead at a nearby hospital soon after arriving.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this where people just walk by a person lying in the street and nobody help,” said Gaines’ aunt, Phyllis Nelson. “I just don’t understand it.”

I don’t either.

Simply search for Gaines’ name and you can watch about five minutes of a guy dying and no one giving a damn. And yes, the taxi really does drive right over him.

To recap, a guy gets knocked out for no reason. At least two people then rob him. Dozens of pedestrians and vehicles just walk/drive right by. He gets run over by a cab.

What makes this even more sad is that the biggest issue in the country right now is whether an individual who was born male can use the female bathroom because they identify as female.


Let’s resolve that right now. Males use the men’s restroom; females use the ladies; and all the “identifiers” use “other.”

And that’s not racist, derogatory or whatever anti-PC word one wants to use. That’s just called common sense.

What does not make sense, and let’s hope what is not becoming commonplace, is that no one came to the aid of Marques Gaines. The only outrage has come from his family, who are launching massive lawsuits.

You know who finally stopped for Gaines? The taxicab driver that ran him over. He stayed at the scene until police arrived.

Our priorities, and by that I mean what we consider as truly important, are being more and more skewed. I will always believe the life of a human is more important than someone “identifying” as someone they are not. But I am afraid I am becoming the minority in that.

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