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May 5, 2017 by

(My latest publisher’s column)

There’s been a lot of change in the area media landscape lately, so we thought we’d join the party.

Our new publication hot off the press

While some are cutting back, we are expanding. And that’s not only in circulation, but with a new publication as well.

First, The Shopper. We’re adding five more routes – two in the Senoia area; one around Lower Fayetteville Road; and two out toward the county line with Carroll County.

That adds more than 3,300 residences and businesses to our growing circulation – now more than 43,750 a month. The Shopper now reaches more than 84 percent of the mailboxes in Coweta County. And more expansion is on the way.

What all those numbers really mean is this: more people can now read The Shopper, learn what’s going on in the community, get a laugh or two, find out the latest trends and get some great deals. And The Shopper, the largest publication in Coweta, remains free.

These increases also mean more eyes on our advertisers’ ads. Those advertisers are the ones who make The Shopper happen, and so to them we give a heartfelt “thanks.”

Another change: Right now The Shopper is direct mailed each week to more than 10,000 unique addresses. We have four zones and in the past, one zone would get the majority of the paper with the other zones getting fewer.  We’re changing that to target more geographically. In other words, we will hit one zone in its entirety each week.

A rifle rather than a shotgun approach so to speak.

If you cut Coweta by Interstate 85 and Hwy. 34/Bullsboro Drive, you’d get the four quadrants. Each week, one zone. This enables us to help our advertisers concentrate on a specific zone or zones if they so desire.

What else, what else?

Ah yes, The Shopper is getting a sibling. And in keeping with the theme, we’re going to call it, drum roll please, The Paper.

The Paper will be the same size, but have more of a “newspaper” look and feel to it. The focus will be on entertainment, food, community news and photos, as well as the proverbial “what to do.”

There will be a massive calendar focusing on events at specific locations – such as Chattahoochee Bend State Park, downtown Newnan and The Fred. Another calendar will fill in the gaps for events held throughout the area.

We’ve included pro sports schedules in Atlanta, as well as big concerts there and live music here. There’s Jonathan Hickman’s film and television page, as well as C
orby’s trends column.

This is a great community. It’s that simple. And there are great stories and people and art and music and food and so on.

We built The Paper to share those stores, to highlight the food, to showcase the music. We are going to be as hyper local as we can, and that’s because we really don’t care what some opinionated writer from Washington, D.C. thinks or says or writes.

We care about here.

So, where will you find The Paper? Soon, everywhere. It will be a free distribution and we are starting with hundreds and will get to thousands as quickly as we can.

Feel free to help us out. Know of a place with live music we don’t have? Someone that would be great to interview? A secret food joint you want to share? An up and coming band playing in town? Send suggestions and any corrections to: thecowetapaper@gmail.com.

And thanks for your support, because you made this happen.

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