Sunday’s Column – A Birthday Letter

Dec 16, 2012 by

Here’s Sunday’s Column in The Newnan Times-Herald: The Little Black Dress and I are trying our best to raise the SONs of...

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Thankful Thursday’s – Birthday Parties, Mini Meltdowns And Turning 2...

Oct 18, 2012 by

It’s Thursday. It’s Thankful Thursday’s over at the LBD’s site. The joys of birthdays; the pain of parental...

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Sunday’s Column: The War To End All Wars

Aug 26, 2012 by

Here’s Sunday’s column from The Newnan Times-Herald: “So let it be written. So let it be done.” – The Ten...

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A 50th Birthday And A Funeral

Dec 30, 2011 by

On my 50th birthday, I attended a memorial service for a teenager I have never met. He was 17. I didn’t even know his name until...

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A Special Day For The Little Black Dress

Oct 19, 2011 by

Today, is a big day in our household  – the Little Black Dress hits another milestone. This will make 29 such milestones. The...

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So I Bought A Truck (Again)

Sep 9, 2011 by

Well, to be honest the Little Black Dress bought it for me. It must be related to certain milestones. I bought my first truck as I...

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