Sunday’s Column – Another Rite Of Passage

Dec 2, 2013 by

“Forward, the Light Brigade!” Was there a man dismay’d ?  Not tho’ the soldier knew  Some one had...

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Sunday’s Column – Gigantor And The Baconator

Feb 10, 2013 by

Around this time of year, the sawdust flies. Weapons are sharpened and oiled. Battle plans drawn up. Munitions purchased. The stage is...

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The Big Boys Bring Their Toys

Oct 29, 2011 by

As I mentioned in my last blog, the two elder SONS of Thunder and I recently went camping with some other dads and Boy Scouts. And...

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The Power Of The Finger

Jul 4, 2011 by

Or, if you prefer a subtitle, More Lessons From Boy Scout Camp. Probably should put that in parenthesis. Or, (More Lessons From Boy...

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Repost: If You Ever Go To Boy Scout Camp …

Jun 25, 2011 by

It’s summer, meaning we – as in the Little Black Dress and I – are determined this break from school will involve...

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Roughing It … Part Two

Apr 13, 2011 by

“Stay together.” Two simple words. Pretty clear in meaning. But if you’ve got small kids and you’re at the...

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