Thankful Thursdays With The LBD – Getting Lost On The Way To Being Renewed

Apr 26, 2012 by

It’s Thankful Thursdays over at the LBD’s site and here’s one of her favorite encore posts: At the Winters Villa, we...

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Mr. Winters, You Are On In 5, 4, 3 …

Aug 31, 2011 by

So I woke up in the middle of the night from this really weird dream. Talk about a parallel universe, the dream involved me – an...

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Big … No, Huge … Er, Gigantor News

Aug 29, 2011 by

We have waited a long time for this day. The “Store,” for lack of a better word right now, is open.  The site is...

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Everyone Needs A Sam Study Guide – Chapter 1

Aug 16, 2011 by

With an “imminent” release of the study guide to Everyone Needs A Sam, I thought I’d post various chapters over the...

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One Down And One To Go

Jun 17, 2011 by

There were times fly fishing in Alaska that I would pause, often in mid cast. Drop my head. I’d reel in my line, wade back to...

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The Blog Becomes A Book

Jun 12, 2011 by

The Little Black Dress says I am sparse with words. This usually occurs when I do not fawn sufficiently to her tastes. I will say,...

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