But I Said It Was An Accident …

Dec 1, 2009 by

There are a couple of phrases increasing in frequency around our house. Too frequently.

One comes from either the Little Black Dress or myself; the other from the Sons of Thunder.

The first is “But I said it was an accident,” accompanied by a whiny and “who me?” kinda tone.

The second is “What were you thinking?” although that should probably be written in all caps; with lots of exclamation points.

Like when one of the Sons runs in screaming – with a sharpened spear sticking out of his back.  And he’s quickly followed by the culprit, spewing his “but I said it was an accident” spiel.

Like that makes everything A-OK.  

Maybe on another planet.

And while the “you are so hosed” Son is doing his “accident” dance, the LBD will be coming out with her “What were you thinking” line. The volume of said line depending on the amount of blood present.

But seriously, what was the one Son thinking when he actually took the time to find an appropriately sized stick, sharpen it, and then go and find a brother to serve as a target.  All the while doing some “I am Spartacus” yell.

At some point, after removing said spear, the LBD or I will get to the “You will apologize” line.  And the guilty party will try and defend their actions – in other words get out of apologizing – by arguing it was an accident.

Like that matters. Like intentionally sharpening a stick and throwing it into your brother’s back is somehow an accident.  Maybe among Klingons.

And we, the parental units, will try and explain that we apologize when we are wrong, when we hurt someone else, when we act like an idiot. And the Son will continue to whine, whimper out a very, very tiny “I’m sorry,” (which doesn’t count in this household) and generally just get us ticked off even more.

Which eventually leads to the “Man Up” phrase. A phrase the LBD uses with some frequency during this stage of life with the Sons.

The phrase means what is says. Act like a man. A real man.

A real man apologizes when he’s wrong. He apologizes when he’s hurt another, or screwed up, or failed to do what he says he will.  More importantly, he owns up and takes responsibility for his actions and takes whatever steps are necessary to correct the wrong.

And he does it as soon as he discovers his error. He does not try and explain it away, blame someone or something else or say it was because his aura wasn’t right due to missing his therapy session.

A real man mans up.

It is so refreshing when some politician, celebrity, athlete or other VIP acts like a real man.  It is so increasingly rare in this day.

But the Sons of Thunder are going to be real men. Even if I have to sharpen my own stick at some point. It’s what my dad instilled in me, and I’m not going to be the one to end the tradition.

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1 Comment

  1. Betsy Perry

    KUDOS to you, John! We do learn through both correction AND guidance. The little scars will be reminders of “errors past” and lessons learned.