Hey, You’re In The Newspaper

Jul 31, 2010 by

When you first hear that, depending on what you’ve been up to, that might cause a wee bit of consternation.

For more than two decades, I was an investigative reporter, editor and publisher. My name was in the newspaper constantly.  As a reporter, I had bylined stories – meaning I wrote them – almost every day, some days three or four stories. And as a publisher, my name was always on the editorial page along with other senior staff.

This time things switched. There was a story in my old hometown newspaper with my name all over it – yet I didn’t write it.  No, it was not in the police blotter; and no, the rather large photo of me did not include me holding up a sign with a bunch of numbers against a wall showing my height.

Instead, the Newnan Times-Herald did a very nice story on my new book, Everyone Needs A Sam.  

For those in journalism, I have to say it is a very, shall we say, interesting experience being on the other side of the pen and notebook. I can’t begin to count the number of interviews I conducted over the years, but it’s up in the hundreds, if not thousands.  This time, I was the one being interviewed.

And I have to admit, after being out of the newspaper industry for more than a year, it brought back a little nostalgic feeling seeing my name in print again.

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  1. congrats John, that’s awesome.

    • Thanks.
      Now just have to get through the speaking engagements. For me, the writing is the easy part.