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I am not Jewish.

By that I mean I am not of that race/nationality. I’m just a white boy.

I’m also not Jewish by religion. I have a couple of disagreements with the Jewish religion that would preclude my worshipping in that matter. One, we disagree on the role/relevance of Jesus Christ.

Second, I can’t handle their food restrictions. There’s nothing like a big pork loin smothered in rosemary and garlic cooking on the grill. Do I even have to mention smoking a Boston Butt with apple wood chips? And let’s not even discuss jumbo shrimp marinated in a blackening mix with cilantro.

I’m getting hungry.

This is probably an appropriate place to put in the stereotypical statement that “I know Jewish people/I have Jewish friends.” Here’s looking at you Mr. Isear.


Since I am not Jewish, I do not participate in Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights and the Feast of Dedication. It celebrates the time when the Maccabean Jews retook control of Jerusalem and rededicated the temple. See, you learn something every day.

There’s also the eight days of lighting a menorah. The main thing I remember growing up was all my Jewish friends bragging about getting presents for eight days, while us Protestant types had to stick with one shot on Christmas.

As I said, I don’t do the whole Jewish thing. But I don’t mind that the Jews do, you know, their thing. By that I mean I do not demand equal treatment, that they must say the Apostle’s Creed or the Lord’s Prayer during the lighting of the aforementioned menorah candles.

And they don’t have to change Happy Hanukkah to Best Wishes or Happy Holiday or Enjoy the Festive Times Of Your Choice.

It’s their holiday. They can say whatever they want, worship however they want. And as a Christian I have no right to tell them how/when/where to worship.

I say the same thing for Muslims. I’m not one, don’t want to be one. My reasons are the same as those of the Jewish persuasion – we disagree on Jesus and pork. And I don’t like how they portray the role of women. But they have every right to celebrate Ramadan as they have for centuries and it’s none of my business.

Which brings me to Charlene Storey, a councilwoman-at-large in Roselle Park, New Jersey.

In Oklahoma where I am from, we’d call her an idiot. Southerners prefer the more polite phrase, “bless her heart.”

What is this all about? Turns out Storey resigned as a council member in protest of the council voting to put the word “Christmas” to a tree lighting ceremony. Or, it’s now A Christmas Tree Lighting” as opposed to the previous “A Tree Lighting.”

She was quoted as saying in her resignation that, “I cannot in good conscience continue to be part of a council that is exclusionary or to work with a Mayor who is such.” In an interview with www.nj.com, she also said the change in wording “cuts non-Christians out of the loop and favors one religion.” And that the change “turned it (the tree lighting) from a non-religious event to a religious one.” (She later recanted her resignation)

I’d like to point out the “event” was to light up what are commonly referred to as “Christmas trees.” So the wording made sense to me. What the heck is a “Tree Lighting?” Tree lighting of what?

I really wonder if Storey and her politically correct, all-inclusive, we are the world, if you love somebody set them free, types would try this with another group.

Why do those of her ilk never complain or demand equal time/equality when Muslims celebrate Ramadan, Jews Hanukkah or Wiccans Samhain?

You notice the world “Christ” is not included in those three holidays just mentioned, but is in “Christmas,” the holiday most under attack. I wonder if there’s any correlation.

Oh, and Barry, Happy Hanukkah my friend. And to all my Christian friends, Merry Christmas in its true meaning.

Until next time.


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