Mine, No Mine, Uh, No Mine, Grilled Butterfly Porkchops

Oct 21, 2011 by

There is somewhat of a discussion in our house about who came up with this recipe. The Little Black Dress is quite adamant she did....

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Grilled Rack Of Lamb

Feb 7, 2011 by

This recipe is subtitled “How To Win The Heart Of Your Own Little Black Dress” Sometimes I score big. Big as in getting...

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From The Book – Varnadow’s Chicken And Artichoke Hearts

Nov 28, 2009 by

John’s mom, whose maiden name is Varnadow (hence the name) got the two of us hooked on artichokes. She is very kind in that she...

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From The Book – Eby’s “Finally Something I Love” Seafood...

Oct 23, 2009 by

Bill Eby took care of John ever since John originally moved to D.C.  They are close friends and Bill was even a groomsman in John’s...

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From The Book – Presto Pesto

Sep 6, 2009 by

Our first home together was a little townhouse right next to the capitol in Washington, D.C. The tiny back yard was actually laid with...

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From The Book – Corby’s Salsa

Aug 19, 2009 by

For years, I have loved Mexican food. And my favorite Mexican restaurants are always judged by their salsa. And, with my love of...

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